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About Hawk's Book

  This book is about author Thomas Hawk Hellstrom's untold true story about his memo to the FBI describing encounters with a Chechen terrorist cell in Atlanta, Georgia from October to December, 2000 - 11 to 9 months prior to 9/11.

The leader of the Chechen terrorist cell was Shamil Basaev, the Chechen warlord responsible for the massacres of Beslan, Budenovsk and the Moscow theatre seige and many more terrorist acts.

December 30, 2000, a fax of 15 pages was sent by the author to the FBI’s Counter Terrorism Special Agent in Charge, Atlanta field office. It was a detailed report, from the author of this book, about a Chechen terrorist cell operating in Atlanta, Georgia between October to December 2000.

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April 19, 2001 (former) FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division, Dale L. Watson sent a memo to FBI Director Louis Freeh that “the government received information that operational planning has been underway since late 2000, with an intended culmination in late spring 2001. These plans are being undertaken by Sunni extremists with links to Ibn al Khattab, an extremist leader in Chechnya, and to Osama bin Laden.” (U.S v Moussaoui)

Defense Exhibit 792 Bin Laden/Ibn Khattab Threat Reporting, to Director Freeh, dated 4//01
(*This is the most significant document related to my case sent in to the FBI in Dec. 30, 2000)

The Bush administration and the Justice Department did everything they could to cover up the Chechen links of Zacarious Moussaoui by obstructing investigations by field agents from FBI field offices in Minnesota and Phoenix. This is a true missing link of 9/11.

War on Whistleblowers by Sibel Edmonds
FBI/9/11 whistleblower Sibel Edmonds describes that high ranking members of U.S Government directly supported top ranking Chechen terrorists (Shamil Basaev and Ibn al Khattab) tied to 'Al Qaida' and other terrorist groups prior to 9/11. 


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