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Intended Consequences of Boston Bombings
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Intended Consequences of Boston Bombings

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Intended Consequence of Boston Bombings - Part I

By Thomas Hellstrom
April 27, 2013

The ‘official’ record is that two Chechens were responsible for Boston bombings. True or false it’s still too early to tell. The FBI 1st claimed they found no evidence of terrorist activities or connections by the Chechens. The FBI investigation of the Chechens was based on the request of a foreign government. The CIA claim to have had the Chechen Tsarnaev family in their records as terrorist suspects.

Few days after the Boston bombing suspect was killed and the other later captured, Canadian law enforcement from Toronto - Richard Perle's protégé David Frums territory - claimed to have uncovered Al Qaida cell intent on committing a terrorist act on a train from Toronto to New York. According to Canadian law enforcement the Al Qaida cell arrested in Canada allegedly operated in Iran. Then the FBI claims to be hunting a 12 man Al Qaida sleeper cell in New York in connection with the two Chechens that were killed and caught. Where is this leading to? The sudden pattern of events sounds all too familiar. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand who has the greatest motive to spark reasons to target Iran.

Mainstream media (MSM) and alternative media are already connecting the dots from the Chechen suspects in Boston to Al Qaida and their cell in Canada to Iran. The headlines alone speak volumes; 

Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev By Chris Bucktin, Andy Lines Mirror



Suspected Iran link in Canadian rail plot puzzles terror experts

By Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister, CNN 

Richard Perle’s colleague and editor at the Telegraph, Con Coughlin published this article in 2005,
Teheran 'secretly trains' Chechens to fight in Russia connecting Chechens to Iran, jumped into the subject of the Boston bombings with his latest article Iran and al-Qaeda: a 'joke' with a nasty punchline: Iran laughed at the idea of links with a terror plot in Canada. But it's no laughing matter

Coughlin wrote and published the Saddam Hussein Al Qaida connection in the UK to help sell the Iraq War.

2012 Patrick Clawson spoke to a crowd of Neocons at WINEP - many also members of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya - were apparently amused by Clawson’s “suggestion” to kick start the war on Iran by a false flag event. Oddly enough Patrick Clawson does make me think of a leprechaun - who enjoys partaking in mischief - when I see him. When we think of the Irish mystique of leprechauns in America we usually think of Boston. I wonder if Richard Perle and his neocon colleagues as mischief as they are thought of the same thing?

Intended Consequence Part II  (UPDATED 15/07/2013)

Beginning of November 2012, I filed my complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC), Norwegian Criminal Investigative Service (KRIPOS) war crimes section and Human Rights Watch & other human rights and peace organizations with the exact concern based on neocon activities and intent on "fixing" intelligence by connecting Chechen terrorists to Iran.

My specific concern by the ICC complaint almost seven months prior to Boston Bombings was that the particular neoconservatives who supported terrorists in Chechnya to begin with would attempt to fix or manipulate my Dec 30, 2000 report - which included an additional report on a Russian nuclear engineer - by falsifying connections between Iran, Al Qaida and Chechen terrorist groups (with their history of nuclear extortion and terrorism) to start a war. Section of my ICC complaint. See PDF file available here:

I do emphasize that these war crimes of grave concern, as the Statute requires, are part of a "plan, preparation and initiation" for a war against Iran using fabricated arguments. Members of U.S Government, its nongovernmental advisors and Israeli authorities have publicly emphasized and stated their intents for a plan, preparation and initiation for a war against Iran. Members of the Bush administration also known as “neocons”, now advisors or lobbyists, were In fact involved with assembling and using fabricated or false arguments by “planning, preparation and initiating a war of aggression” against Iraq. These falsifications were presented by Colin Powell during the U.N Security Council, February 5, 2003, as key arguments for the war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. These officials have aggressively made their intentions of “planning, preparing and initiating” a war with Iran by fabrications obvious;

In fact, September 25, 2012 “neoconservative or neocon” Patrick Clawson, Director of Research at Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP), openly stated “Crisis Initiation is really tough” in reference to and continued to propose fabricating reasons to start a war against Iran. (Patrick Clawson’s direct statements of using false-flag/fabricating arguments for war with Iran - starts from 1hr 15 min in video)

Neocons Patrick Clawson and Kenneth Timmerman were also main “expert” witnesses in the case FIONA HAVLISH, et al., v. USAMA BIN LADEN/AL QAEDA, THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, : Case Number 1:02CV00305: “U.S. District Court rules Iran behind 9/11 attacks December 23, 2011.”

Following the Boston Bombings, neocons, mentioned in my ICC complaint, Kenneth Timmerman and Patrick Clawson's colleague Reza Khalili was quick to connect the Chechen Boston Bombers to Iran.

Reza Khalili is on the Board of Directors for Foundation for Democracy of Iran (FDI) and colleague with Kenneth Timmerman and several affiliated members of WINEP including another hardcore neocon Joshua Muravchik and close colleague of Patrick Clawson.

Reza Khalili, identical to those who fabricated intelligence for the Iraq war, works on behalf of NGO's and lobbyists who advise congressmen and senators in Washington in favor of a war against Iran.

Both Kenneth Timmerman and Patrick Clawson testified as "expert" witnesses in the Havlish v Iran case in 2011. Expert evidence provided in the Havlish case seemed like an exact reflection of the fabricated intelligence that led to the war on Iraq. This time, neocons would have it, was Iran's regime that was connected to Al Qaida and therefore responsible for 9/11.

Another neocon player in the Boston Bombing intrigue is former high ranking CIA officer Graham Fuller.

Fuller is one of the high value targets of an FBI investigation into direct support of Al Qaida & their terrorist partners in Chechnya - same terrorists from my 2000 report to FBI - which former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds disclosed in her State Secrets Privilege Gallery.

Among those high value targets and NGO of the FBI investigation - also mentioned in my ICC report and 18 pg summary of evidence - were in Norway from 2002 – 2008 includes Eric Edelman (2008 w/ Solarz in Hoyanger, Norway), Marc Grossman (2002 Oslo), Richard Perle (2004 Gol, Norway), and Stephen Solarz (2008 w/ Edelman in Hoyanger, Norway). See picture below:


“Over at Sibel's website, she has published "Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege Gallery" - twenty one photos of people.”




Their presence and connections to individuals in Oslo and Hoyanger (described as Trollville), Norway related to the 2007 attempt to fabricate a war against Iran was further strengthened by the activities of Israeli intelligence agents and neocons in Oslo, Norway from 2011 to 2012 including the Israeli agent involved in the false flag events of 2007.


Events involving members of a local clique and a “group” from Trollville eventually left a clear pattern of issues of suspected concerns related to the 2007 false flag threat against Al Gore and Nobel Peace Prize/Concert and attempt to target the December 30, 2000 report on the seven Chechen Interpol suspects and Russian nuclear engineer for cooking/falsifying in order to blame Iran- Al Qaida/Chechen connection to 9/11- as they did with falsified pre-Iraq war intelligence;


Members and friends of a local group associated to the clique were involved by aiding or contact with; 

·       June 2003; Member of this group recommended and arranged to set up an adsl service provider that used Global Crossing net centric operations technology, a communications company with a history of corruption scandals involving both Bush and Clintons. This was before there was any reason to suspect members of this group. The day the ADSL service provider was activated my computer was effected by subject based data mining on June 23. Members of the CIA rendition team were identified in Oslo, Norway from April to August 2003. The leader of the CIA rendition team was a former Iran Contra veteran and associated to the Neocon clique Elliot Abrams and Michael Ledeen, both colleagues of Richard Perle (all members of American Committee for Peace in Chechnya [ACPC]).


·       Close members of this same group were in Gol, Norway the same weekend Richard Perle stayed there Feb. 2004.

·      A close friend of the same group was contacted by a Baltic woman by late 2004. After establishing a relationship, the woman arranged a trip to meet this friend of the group in Maykop in Adygea, Russia where Anton Surikov was present at the time for a Sufi leader conference. This same woman later contacted me in early 2007 and was later identified as an associate of Surikov’s partner with his network in Far West. Surikov was Chechen leader Shamil Basaev's Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) handler. Surikov was also one of the unidentified subjects among the Interpol suspects across the bar at the night club. Far West is a subsidiary of Halliburton.

The neoconservative’s persistence with manufacturing arguments for wars by terrorism was brought to a new level of obvious involvement with Chechen Boston Bombers uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev. Ruslan Tsarnaev was not only married to Samantha Fuller, the daughter of former CIA officer Graham Fuller but also resided at Fullers residence for several years. Graham Fuller himself confirmed the marriage between his daughter and Ruslan "Tsarni" Tsarnaev. “Fuller said he had made several visits to Central Asia to do research on post-Soviet political developments, and visited his daughter and Tsarni there. “Our visit is briefly mentioned in my recent memoir, Three Truths and a Lie, as well as their marriage celebration in [Maryland],” he wrote.”

If Graham Fuller or Ruslan Tsarnaev and the other neocons had been any average muslim they would be arrested immediately and prosecuted for their backgroud associated to terrorism and being directly tied to the terrorist act in Boston just like they did with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. But it seems law and order in America is no longer measured by "justice for all" but a convenient tool for elitists to use any unfortunate citizen as they please.

My justice is that these neocons are legally exposed and paralyzed against fixing my report on the Chechen terrorists and the nuke engineer.