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Israeli/Mossad Links 9/11
Israeli/Mossad Links 9/11

Many documented facts have collaborated that Israel, Mossad, neoconservatives and U.S government played a critical role in the events of 9/11. Many of Israel's organized crime figures from Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia were given Israeli citizenships and provided financial and material support to terrorist groups such as Al Qaida, Chechens, Iranian Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) and many others sustaining the growing suspicion of an "inside job".

This part from my book Hawk of Pandora: A 9/11 Missing Link Volume 1 collaborates with the video documentary below. The video below has no connection to the title or any material in the book but coincides with much of the material I descibe in this particular chapter.


From Chapter Patrons of Pandora

"Throughout 2000 to 2001, there were numerous events and reports of Israeli students squandering about selling art work in conspicuous manners and apparently taking photos and infiltrating government buildings in Atlanta. They were exposed as Israeli intelligence by DEA during the summer of 2001 operating around the country and had been operating within the country since 1999 and in Atlanta from early 2000.

[1] From many of the reports about the Israeli students it would seem like they were literally testing security and also infiltrating for purposes of protecting their own assets. While patrolling several of the federal buildings, I had also paid notice to small student groups who had taken “waist shot” pictures of security around the federal buildings; specifically, a group of four with one filming with his camcorder towards the Federal building from below his waist line. This student used exactly the same method I used during my time at the academy when they tested us in counter surveillance. I took waist shots of the mock “terrorist” crew that had us under surveillance during field exercises. The mock crew was experienced veterans from intelligence and law enforcement. I took a picture of all three without them knowing I had pictures of them while they had us under surveillance. This is how I knew this guy was definitely taking pictures of the federal building which was reported to their security. After that I had checked around and heard that there were some students from Israel and the Mideast studying at some of the schools in downtown and midtown Atlanta.

It would not be unlikely that some of the “art students” had picked up on me when I noticed them. They especially needed to be wary of getting caught and noticed me when I paid attention to them. Most of these students must have come straight out of intelligence school without picking up field experience because they stuck out like sore thumbs too many times. There were many suspicious reports about them from wary law enforcement and federal agents which lead to their apprehension and scandal in the first place. The “art students” seemed to operate aggressively, sporadic and too congestive which meant that they were under serious time constraints and knew something was going to happen soon and needed very quick results. Since the Israelis were reported to have tracked 911 suspects in Florida they would have had some knowledge about the Chechens or perhaps Atta’s activities in Atlanta. Also considering that several of their citizens like Boris Berezovsky and other wealthy Jewish businessmen from the Caucasus were heavily into supporting Chechens like Basaev and Noukhaev, they would have clear interests in keeping an eye on these shady assets. As an Israeli citizen, Berezovsky’s interests by financing numerous Chechen operations including the Dagestan invasion in 99 and giving two million dollars to Shamil Basaev in 97 under normal circumstances would have qualified him as a sponsor of terrorism and could have caused Israeli’s problems.


With Chechen Interpol suspects in Atlanta, it is reasonable to believe that Mossad would have had a few of their agents there too to keep an eye on what was happening. They knew something big was about to happen. This was definitely a rush job considering that Israeli intelligence and military are known for being meticulous planners and operators.

“Often the Israeli "students" sold their artwork on street locations near federal buildings. In one incident in Atlanta, they showed up outside an unlisted FBI office and began taking photos, according to sources. Agents collared them and sent them on their way.”



It was also suggested that the Israelis were conducting counter terrorism investigations inside the United States.

Carl Cameron from Fox News that blew the Israeli spy ring story wide open divulged in the backing of Israelis that: "There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it."



That is most likely true; to protect the Jewish citizens in Atlanta or elsewhere.


If the Israelis were conducting [counter?] terrorism surveys checking weak links in the security, this would have been how they would do it. Israeli intelligence had given prior warning to U.S authorities about a potential major attack. Considering Mossad and Israelis’ reputation for proactive measures before terrorists incidents happen, it would not be surprising that they would have sent a number of their agents in to the U.S. to do their own intelligence gathering. Israelis have always been diehard about protecting their own and will do it at whatever cost.


It’s no surprise that their presence would raise a lot of suspicion of different conspiracies given the fact that numerous rotten apples within the Israeli government, military, intelligence, Russian Jewish émigré members of OC, like Berezovsky, and other networks such as the Israeli Turkish networks have dirt hidden in their closets for supporting terrorism. Under separate investigations by both the FBI, which Sibel Edmonds worked on translating evidence, and CIA’s front company Brewster Jennings that was exposed before 911 and Valerie Plame’s outing by the Cheney cabal, there were serious allegations that Israeli and Turkish “rotten” interests were involved with selling U.S nuclear secrets to AQ Khans networks and then possibly to terrorist groups like Al Qaida or even the Chechens. This would be a major motive for Israelis to cover for rogue transactions to terrorists that would lead to more anti Semitism and loss of support from the U.S.

Israel had allowed and given free passage to many Russian Jewish émigré’s throughout the years. Many of these, being Russian organized crime figures, were given Israeli passports no questions asked. Yossif Kobzon, Grigory Loutchansky (owner of Nordex alleged by Interpol as a front for organized crime investigated for selling nuclear proponents to countries like Iran), Grigory Lerner (The Jerusalem Post 12 Feb. 1998; Xinhua 10 June 1997), Semion Mogilevich (head of organization known as Red Mafia [Robert Friedman]), Vyacheslav Ivankov and Sergei Mikhailov (head of Solntsevskaya used a fake passport but has not been pursued) were among the heavyweight of Russian Israeli organized crime figures and have criminal operations in Israel, mainly Tel Aviv.[5] Many of these have also been involved in trafficking and selling arms to Israel’s enemies such as Iran, Iraq and Syria and arms that have made its way to terrorist groups; Al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, and PFLP-GC. These Russian Jewish émigré’s identified as organized crime members are heavily involved in the woman sex slave market. A number of these women have ended up being trained as honey traps operating as female spies for rogue intelligence crews, organized crime and terrorist affiliated organizations. It is highly plausible that some of these students were spying on behalf of these networks especially since the DEA was also targeted due to their investigations on Russian/Israeli organized crime groups trafficking ecstasy into Atlanta, Georgia and elsewhere along the east, mid and west coast. One of the major suppliers of ecstasy was a Jewish American from New York associated to Kaplan crew of the Gambino crime family and tied to the ad hoc network in Atlanta. The Kaplan case showed how they used strippers as honey pots for criminal purposes to influence professional sports athletes’ and events. These honey pots could easily serve as smokescreens for intelligence collection and criminal purposes since organized criminals from Russia and Eastern Europe are multifaceted opportunists.



Several of the honey pots I came across had been operating on behalf of Russian organized crime operating out of Belgrade, Israel and Hungry.

See note below:

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Note: Berezovski's Israeli citizenship and sponsorship of Chechen terrorists was clearly consented by Israeli Mossad. This gives credence to Israel's history of falseflag methods and  involvement with 9/11 considering many other documented activities of Mossad and Israeli intelligence through the Neocons, Israeli companies involved with 9/11 and thier warnings to thier own citizens and etc. 

The video below is a highly descriptive documentary about Israel's history of false-flag operations and involvement to influence U.S foreign policy.

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