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Mossad & War Against Iran 2011/2012

July 22, 2011 Norway experienced it's first major terrorist act by a zionist inspired "lone terrorist" Anders Behring Breivik. While many remain blind to the standard and stereotyped media and law enforcement story portraying the lone terrorist there are many others that doubt the loner story.

Israel's agency
Mossad is considered to be the primary suspect behind Anders Breivik's actions on 7/22. Mossad and the Israeli or Netanyahu/Lieberman government have crystal clear motives in regards to Norway's relationship with Palestinians and allowing Palestinians authority  led by Hamas to establish it's own embassy in Oslo, Norway. This reason alone is enough motive for Mossad and Netanyahu/Lieberman government to act with extreme vengeance.
Israeli's are also in present planning stages of targeting Iran. One of the Mossad agents (below) Joanna Gawlik was involved with the 2007 attempt to target Al Gore and Nobel Peace prize under false flag conditions. Now again this very same Mossad asset together with a Mossad assassin team is present in Oslo under the same conditions and goals of providing Israel with the platforms to target Iran.

7/22 would not be the first time Mossad has committed terrorism in Norway. One can look back at the Lillehammer Affair in 1973 when Mossad assassinated a Moroccan waiter they mistook for a Palestinian terrorist in what was known as Operation Wrath of God.

Below are pictures of
Mike Harari a known Mossad agent that was in fact part of Mossad assassination team in Norway 1973.

Therefore it would not come as a surprise that these Mossad agents or assassins are here in Oslo, Norway.

These are the team leaders and main Mossad assassins responsible for the Dubai hit on the Hamas leader.
Ireland: Dubai's 3 'Irish' assassins are fictional

Mossad Assasination Team Operating in Oslo, Norway 2011

The two Mossad agents/assassin suspects, aka Kevin Daveron (left) and aka Gail Foillard (right), sat at backside of this bar for several hours aggressively convincing by peer pressure a recruit (middle suspect with cap) to take part in something (topics of discussion unknown). Throughout the whole conversation the recruit was clearly resistant and nervous in agreeing to their request or engagement.

'Erika Chambers, Gail Folliard are just many 'faces' of Mossad assassins

Updated: 20 Feb 2010

The first female assassin: The woman pretending to be Irish citizen Gail Folliard
 smiles as she passes under a CCTV camera during surveillance of the hotel

  Mossad AKA Joanna Gawlik                                   Aka Evan Dennings

Previous picture and name was removed due to legal reasons - In other words plausible deniability protects any agent and dictates our legal world! Joanna Gawlik using the assumed name she still bares today was protected all along by the Trollville group and her employers are tied to members of the hate group SIAN, Frp and the neoconservatives and Mossad.
This is the same bar which aka Joanna Gawlik (above left) and aka Lukas or Evan Dennings (above right) were present Friday September 23, 2011. The same bar where two others were recruiting Norwegian locals. This bar is one block away from the courthouse where Anders Breivik’s trial is being held. Several of these Mossad suspects are residing in the local area.

This particular suspect aka Joanna Gawlik is the same exact suspect involved in the 2007 Nobel false flag threat and almost four years to the day when Joanna Gawlik using another name first contacted me by email (see links about false flag terrorist threat).    Anatomy of False Flag Terrorism & The Suicide Bomber Candidate: Why?

Dubai Mossad Assassin Squad below

The Daily Telegraph
Wednesday 14 December 2011
Dubai Hamas assassination: Irish citizens not involved, Ireland says

The three Irish citizens who the Dubai authorities allege helped to assassinate a Hamas official do not exist, according to Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs.

Ireland: Dubai's 3 'Irish' assassins are fictional
Image 1 of 2 (from left) Kevin Daveron, Evan Dennings and Gail Folliard,  

By Our Foreign Staff
1:16PM GMT 16 Feb 2010


The Irish government says the trio of alleged passport-holders identified on Monday in Dubai as Gail Folliard, Evan Dennings and Kevin Daveron do not appear in Ireland's records of legitimate passport-holders.


"We are unable to identify any of those three individuals as being genuine Irish citizens. Ireland has issued no passports in those names," the department said in a statement to The Associated Press.

The Irish government says the passport numbers publicised by Dubai authorities also are counterfeits, because they have the wrong number of digits and contain no letters.

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Video of Mossad Team in Dubai

Interpol Warrant on these fugitives

Other members of Mossad Spotted in Oslo

Michael "Mike" Harari (born 1927) was an Israeli intelligence officer in the Mossad. Harari was involved in several notable operations, including the failed Lillehammer affair and the rescue of hostages at Entebbe.


These Mossad suspects have also been operating in Oslo. These particular suspects were spotted between August and October.


    Two suspects to the bottom left (picture above) have been targeting a mideastern man that is also a frequent customer of pub where picture of Mike Harari was taken. This particular bar is frequented by employees of Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, an employee of IAEA and other diplomats and politically active. The café/restaurant next door is owned by a Lebanese businessman.

·         Woman (aka Joanna Gawlik, 39yro, polish) in the middle was spotted at bar/restaurant downtown Oslo, Norway between 20.00 – 21.00  friday 23rd of September. This suspect approached me directly and engaged in a chat. She confirmed to me that she was Polish and had ‘lived’ here in Norway for 4 years. She approached me with the same curiosity and effort to confirm my identity as the subject she first contacted in late September 2007 as I was with her. This suspect was accompanied by the male suspect to the right using the name Lukas. This particular suspect is the same exact suspect involved in the 2007 Nobel false flag threat (see links below about false flag terrorist threat). It was also exactly four years since this suspect first made contact in 2007. This suspect has been spotted on several occasions ‘socializing’/dating mideastern (muslim) men. This suspect was the agent that received help from the Trollville group or locals and present in Forde when 2kg explosives were discovered 20min away and on-route to where this suspect aka Joanna Gawlik resided.

§  Anatomy of False Flag Terrorism & The Suicide Bomber Candidate: Why?