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Mossad & War Against Iran 2011/2012
Intended Consequences of Boston Bombings
Israeli/Mossad Links 9/11
Fixing False War Against Iran

Letter of Complaint to International Criminal Court

Prior to election day Nov 6, 2012 I filed my letter of complaint to the International Criminal Court, KRIPOS - Norwegian Criminal Investigative Service - War Crimes Section, Human Rights Watch and other human rights/peace organizations.
From roughly 2003/04 - until now there have been many activities drawn to my
Dec 30, 2000 Memo/Report to the FBI Atlanta Field office with obvious intentions on fixing” false arguments for war with Iran.

A summary of evidence of 18 pages delivered to these authorities contained all the evidence needed linking the latest presence of Israeli intelligence agents and the “neocon” in Oslo, Norway from 2011 to 2012 (described from pg. 6-18 in evidence summary) and former head of Israeli Intelligence to the board member of the public safety group I worked for in Atlanta.
The board member of
Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) – mentioned on my fax to the FBI - was one of the few individuals notified about the Chechen terrorists in Atlanta. At the time (2000-01) I had no knowledge that this founder of GILEE was and still is a member of the IICT Advisory Board with former Dir. of Mossad Shabtai Shavit as co-founder and chairman of International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (IICT) and collaborated with sought after war criminal Shin Beth chief Avi Dichter. Neocon Matthew Levit (senior fellow, WINEP), a colleague of Patrick Clawson (Dir of Research, WINEP), is also a member of the IICT Advisory Board. See Letter of Complaint to International Criminal Court  mentioning Patrick Clawson's proposal to fabricate reason to start a war with Iran.

"Somewhere near Moscow": Anton Surikov (center) with Shatbai Shavit (left) and Dov Kontorer at the recent conference of Israeli and Russian intelligence services organized by Sergei Kurginyan and his Experimental Creative Center. Photo courtesy (
Picture right - Shamil Basaev.jpg (wikipedia)

Anton Victorovich Surikov - Deputy of the Abkhazian minister of defense, makes friends with Shamil Basaev, commander of the special battalion trained by GRU. '94 - visiting scholar at the Center for Defense Studies, King's College London. '96 - ret. Colonel. Also on IPROG staff and staff editor

Shabtai Shavit, a pro Iran war advocate, is also closely associated to the pro Iran war architects/lobbyists and also the Israeli (Mossad) agents active in Norway whose related intentions is to fix false arguments for a war against Iran. These are the same pro war architects/lobbyists that “fixed” false intelligence that led to war on Iraq.

Their activities, presence and motives to fix any reports related to my memo or the Moussaoui case is consistent with pro war neocon ‘intelligence experts’ Patrick Clawson from WINEP “evidence” display in Havlish vs Iran case and his “open” display at WINEP suggesting fixing false arguments for a war against Iran. See full WINEP "How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout" - Clawson's false flag suggestion begins from 1h-15min-16sec.

 See Also Intended Consequences of Boston Bombings

Six months after the war crimes complaint was sent in to International Criminal Court and KRIPOS war crimes section neocons were DIRECTLY involved with the Boston Bombings and connecting the suspects to Iran.
Part I
  &  Part II - Neocon ties to Boston Bombings -

My letter of complaints to the International Criminal Court, KRIPOS - Norwegian Criminal Investigative Service - War Crimes Section, Human Rights Watch and other human rights/peace organizations - PDF file available here ;

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DATO: TUE, 06 NOV 2012 10:22:55 +0100

Fixing Intelligence for a War Against Iran
Call for Investigation on Planning, Preparation, Initiation or waging of WAR OF AGGRESSION, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND CRIMES AGAINST PEACE by the International Criminal Court

 Thomas Hellstrom




To: Human Rights Watch

Cc: KRIPOS - Norwegian Criminal Investigative Service/ War Crimes Section, The Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, The Hague

From: Thomas Hellstrom

Nov. 3, 2012 1:45 PM


Dear Sir or Madam,

It’s of my understanding that under the Rome Statute, public citizens may submit to your attention and call for investigation regarding members or organizations of state involved in “planning, preparation” and “initiation” of war crimes.

I understand that the Rome Statute empowers you to investigate such crimes. I also understand that the sole purpose of your position serves to hinder such grave offenses by providing awareness that these crimes will not in future be committed without consequence.

I understand that the Rome Statute directs your consideration to "the most serious crimes of international concern," and that Article 5 of the Rome Statute specifies:


"The Court shall have jurisdiction in respect of war crimes in particular when committed as part of a plan or policy or as part of a large-scale commission of such crimes". In addition that 'for the conditions of this Statute, "war crimes" defines;

 (i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;

(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i)."

I do emphasize that these war crimes of grave concern, as the Statute requires, are part of a "plan, preparation and initiation" for a war against Iran using fabricated arguments. Members of U.S Government, its nongovernmental advisors and Israeli authorities have publicly emphasized and stated their intents for a plan, preparation and initiation for a war against Iran. Members of the Bush administration also known as “neocons”, now advisors or lobbyists, were In fact involved with assembling and using fabricated or false arguments by “planning, preparation and initiating a war of aggression” against Iraq. These falsifications were presented by Colin Powell during the U.N Security Council, February 5, 2003, as key arguments for the war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. These officials have aggressively made their intentions of “planning, preparing and initiating” a war with Iran by fabrications obvious;

In fact, September 25, 2012 “neoconservative or neocon” Patrick Clawson, Director of Research at Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP), openly stated “Crisis Initiation is really tough” in reference to and continued to propose fabricating reasons to start a war against Iran. (Patrick Clawson’s direct statements of using false-flag/fabricating arguments for war with Iran - starts from 1hr 15 min in video)

Neocons Patrick Clawson and Kenneth Timmerman were also main “expert” witnesses in the case FIONA HAVLISH, et al., v. USAMA BIN LADEN/AL QAEDA, THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, : Case Number 1:02CV00305: “U.S. District Court rules Iran behind 9/11 attacks December 23, 2011.”

The ruling was based on so-called ‘evidence’ connecting Al Qaida/Chechen network to Iran and Iran’s involvement with 9/11 provided by neocon ‘experts’ from organizations with a history of building cases based on highly questionable and “cherry picked” intelligence. And/or testimonies by tortured prisoners Ramzi Bin al-Shibh and Khaled Sheik Mohammed, should be regarded as torture based and false related confessions.

These issues above are a reflection of the same “planning, preparation and Initiation” of Iraq war falsifications which resulted in the war against Iraq and war crimes of “War of Aggression and Crimes against Humanity”.

I ask that you immediately investigate the summary of evidence I have provided of at least eight identified agents of Israeli intelligence from Interpol warrants and the “neocon” present in Oslo, Norway 2011 to 2012 associated to Patrick Clawson, WINEP and government foreign policy advisors with a clear interest in my Dec 30, 2000 Memo/Report to the FBI Atlanta Field office. Due to the fact that the Havlish case bases on questionable evidence ‘connecting’ Al Qaeda 9/11 suspects to Iran, this case also connects key suspects to the terrorists in my report. The consistency of activities and presence by Israeli agents and “neocons” in Oslo and motives gives a solid picture of their obvious interest and intentions to “fix” false arguments for war with Iran using my report.

The arguments for going to war with Iran are based on accusations of developing nuclear arms and sponsoring terrorism against Israel and the United States.

My report – seven Chechen terrorists (with a history of nuclear blackmail - 1995 Izmailovsky park incident) and a Russian nuclear engineer - would be of high interest for the “neocon”/Iraq war architects to fix due to the risk factor of nuclear terrorism and their fabricated attempt to connect Al Qaida/Chechens to Iran and blame Iran for 9/11.

My position remains crystal clear, My December 30, 2000 Memo/Report To The FBI Atlanta Field Office Shall Not Be Fixed For Use For War Crimes by “Planning, Preparation And Initiation” For A War With Iran.

Based on the evidence provided, the suspects history, motives and clear intents of “planning, preparation and initiation” by falsifying arguments for a war against Iran, I am convinced that these crimes meet the requirements for investigative action under the Rome Statute.

I hope that this will discourage any form of war crimes described above from being committed.

I look forward to your response,


Thomas Hellstrom


ICC Complaint Report ID Chart

Nine Israeli Mossad Agents in Oslo 2011-2013