True story of U.S sponsored Chechen terrorist ties to 9/11
Hawk of Pandora Vol II; Anatomy of a False Flag Terrorist Act
The Trollville Shadow Network
Vol II The Suicide Bomber Candidate: Why?
Trollville Everywhere; Myth of Evil vs Human Spirit
Trollville Everywhere; Myth of Evil vs Human Spirit

"To live is to war with trolls."
Henrik Ibsen

Many probably wonder why I used the name 'Trollville' to describe the town where the 'Clique' and 'Group' that were involved with the 'mischief' around the Norwegian 'home grown terrorist cell'. Mythological or folklore beings are depictions of human behavior and trolls of Scandinavian folklore are no exception to behavior of the small minority of destructive cliques or clans in Scandinavian society. However, Trollville can be anywhere and everywhere in this world!

"Trolls of Scandinavian folklore and children's tales, are often creatures bent on mischief and wickedness." Wikipedia

Moving to a new place with a different culture is always a challenge for anyone. Trollville, as I call it, appeared to be a small cozy-cultural melting pot full of personality. There was a small and healthy combination of ethnic minorities. A nice share of spice to an otherwise square Norwegian population! It’s like food! Each spice has its own unique flavor and texture. When spices are combined, they create delightful tasting experiences. That is the same way with people. Wonderful combinations of different cultures integrated into exquisite balances. There was a peaceful, tranquil yet mystically majestic perception with the snow tipped peaks caressed by the living clouds gliding along the side of the mountains.

Life in a small town of several thousand people was completely new to me. Very different from big cities! The locals with their small town curiosity wondered why I even moved here. I did not know much about small town cultures, yet there was still a distinct way about the locals that I could not place my finger on! Even the locals openly admitted that there was a mordantly “special” way about them. Naturally, a big city fellow like me moving into a small town like that would raise curious eyebrows.

I never really got a chance to know everyone there. By general apprehension the locals were really laidback, “no stress,” “no problem,” “no care” still very curious! Too curious! Compared to the life of metropolitan fast life and high stressed, fast-paced culture, the relaxed nature in this town seemed to be exactly what I needed. It appealed like paradise!

In big cities, when people find it hard to get things done, it is usually because workloads are overloaded. In small towns, quite the contrary cause they just take their time. Big city people are used to handling things in a snip and a snap, get things done, life or death manner, in comparison, the laid back “no stress,” “no problem” poise can be frustrating. Nothing gets done fast! It is the perfect comparison between the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’. The hare stresses to get to the finish line and stumbles getting there while the tortoise takes his sweet time but eventually finishes. Only here the tortoise crawls blindly in its shell while the hare is having a nervous breakdown. 

Response by local cliques during the years of adjusting forged new meaning to rude subcultures of eclectic clichés. It wasn’t so much that they were deliberately rude, it was speculation of a newcomer and even more so, unprovoked intimidations felt by the cliques to teach me a lesson about the town’s unwritten codes of conduct.

As the combination of spices creates pleasurable experiences so does spoiled elements to ruin any good recipe. Some of the rotten flavors that already existed in Trollville spoiled the recipe.

They were insistently preoccupied with questioning or fishing without any genuine content. At first I interpreted it as small town curiosity. The degree of questioning seemed hollow and glib as if the only thing they were interested in was to be the first in line to get something juicy to share with everyone else. Like a competition for fresh meat information and I was fresh meat. I eventually experienced that if they were not satisfied with the results of squeezing you out for information to their satisfaction, they would get easily insulted. Rather than behave in some more respectable and dignified manner, they were clearly preoccupied with getting me into a submissive state. This automatically kicked in my instincts with their conspicuous demeanor of spiteful intent. I did not want to judge or analyze but it was impossible not to ignore their behavior. I could not ignore my background either and the volatile situation I just came from and was stuck with!

I really tried not to take any deep thought to begin with because I was just glad to get out of the ticking bomb of a situation from back in the states. I was demoralized and burned out from the calamities in the U.S. I was the author of a detailed report with witness statements that was an important key of events and activities leading to 9/11. The suspects knew I exposed them. I had a lot of firsthand knowledge of corruption within law enforcement and organized crime in Atlanta. I had conflicts of interests with many of these elements in Atlanta. The Bush administration and Justice Department were taking measures to cover up on their mistakes, obstructions, criminal negligence and their role which allowed 9/11 to take place. They were targeting every whistleblower involved with the warnings of 9/11. They were also targeting anyone that opposed their Machiavellian and Hegemonic agendas. The report I sent in was at first a liability and then eventually an opportunity for the Cheney cabal. I had very little ground to stand on. I was practically a nom de guerre. The whole situation was as if walking through endless minefield-hands tied behind the back and blindfolded- while spectators throw rocks and try to mislead you to misstep on a mine causing the whole situation to blow up. I had to rely entirely on my own instincts between right and wrong while avoiding every attempt by my adversaries to disorient and divert me into all kinds of entrapments and submissive states.

I was seriously in a very bad position to protect myself. This is why the demographics of Trollville seemed to be a place that I could gain psychological ground and be more effective at handling the situation.

At first, I hoped I would actually find closure with living a regular life, but with all that was happening I could not count my blessings! At least not until things cooled down elsewhere.

Events after 9/11 turned out to be more complicated than most would have imagined, at least for all the 9/11 whistleblowers persecuted for doing the right thing or doing the job right. The persecutors still at large, a small town would make it easier to filter out anyone that would represent the networks involved with assisting or covering for the suspects in my report.  I had to deal with it without creating too much attention, which was the downside of living in a small town. I had to proactively intervene and prevent any cause of harm that would jeopardize my situation as the author of the report. Given many instances of dangerous and reckless antics by some locals, intervention turned out to be an exhausting job by itself. Regrettably, attention I did aggravate by some of my interventions and my own mistakes of being too open than I should have. I was in dismal need to ventilate a lot of the steam I had developed without being destructive. In my own right, there was absolutely no way I could have handled the situation with perfection and professional composure without sustaining severe repercussions to my own psychological state. Had I not ventilated the severe pressure, I could have exploded with adverse behavior in a way that would have caused serious consequences for others and myself. I had to take extreme consideration over my own psychological account. I had no psychological room for the different antagonistic pressures that would compromise my position as the author of the Chechen report in negative way. All odds were against me. I simply did not have much room for making mistakes despite my own human faults and imperfections.

I wanted badly to free myself from the burden of the weight off my shoulder. But, I had a responsibility to ensure the integrity of my report as much as I could. Being in the situation I was in was anything other than normal and anything but lightweight. Still the last thing I wanted to do was misrepresent myself in any negative light as a bad guy and troublemaker. I was definitely not a bad guy. However, for the local cliques, I was already stamped as a possible troublemaker. They were partially right! I was a troublemaker, but against corruption. Allowing myself to fall into even the smallest of corrupt circumstances was unacceptable for me in any situation. Trollville’s own little corrupt cliques and clans noticed that quality about me. To many others in Trollville, my body language and behavior probably gave an impression of being an uptight G man which probably made them nervous. Well, when you’re in a situation like I was you’re naturally going to act a bit uptight. This was another impression that intimidated the cliques. The cliques seemed more than ready and willing to take the role as patrons to intimidations, entrapments and retaliations on behalf of themselves and my enemies by simple favors.

It was not because these locals were out to get me. It was what I stood for. I had to make sure people I was in contact with knew where and what I stood for even though I was very careful and considerate to the extent that my situation would allow me. This overall attitude really pissed them off for no reason! I did nothing to antagonize them except for being me and different from them. That was enough! I wasn’t supposed to stand for anything and they were the ones to decide what I stood for. Being submissive to these spineless bullies was not what I had in mind when I moved here. I had more important things to do. That of course was another thing about me that pissed them off. I was not supposed to have important things to do, especially secretive! They were going to find out, “why I moved there?” For what reason did I move into town? What I did before I came here and what was so damn important? They could have cared less whether I liked it or not. If they didn’t approve of what I was doing even if it was important to me or many others, they could have cared less. Even if lives depended on it, they would sabotage whatever it was I was doing. They would even find out who my enemies were and collaborate with them if that’s what it took to undermine whatever it was I was doing.

It started with a cultural friction that took hold conflicting between my visible, outspoken and fervent respect for principals that each individual has a right to develop and express the best of their abilities and personality compared to the conditioned cultural attitude called the “Laws of the Jante.” The laws of the Jante purposely deny people that right of anyone’s progressive development. In Scandinavia, they profess that the Jante Law mentality has nearly vanished. For many it has with the exception of cliques and clans who keep it alive and use it in order to claim their own place of power within their communities.

Everyone has the right to promote solutions or ideas that make this world a better place if they choose to do so. Promoting and working in unity for solutions is the essence of transparency and progressive growth. As transparency increases so does exposures of abuse and corruption. This is why I was a troublemaker. It was not because I liked causing trouble but because the transparency I strived for caused trouble for those with secretive and corrupt practices. Transparency and progressive grassroots solidarity and unity form a solid foundation for productive and effective processes. It shines light over clans or cliques that have found comfort in getting away with abuses or corrupt conditions. Transparency undermines their ability to continue supporting oppressive and chaotic conditions. Transparency also paves the way for evidence of abuse and corruption to form with clarity.

I believed in progressive and constructive values. I would stand by it regardless of the troubles I faced. I would not bend, fold or sell myself out no matter what. I would never sell anyone else out to excel in my own career. That is the essence of who I am! They did not like that. This is what the cliques and their patrons found so intimidating. This was their main motive behind targeting me. Collective subjectivity by networks of (herein described as) a “group” of family, friends or colleagues associated within the cliques is their weapon used to undermine the ability to project a person’s function in promoting positive and progressive direction! This is innately characteristic of the ‘Karl Rove’ way of implementing rightwing cliques in the U.S such as the ‘Swift Boat’ clique and the ‘Tea Baggers’ tactics of undermining efforts. They run fear campaigns about ‘communist’ agendas but their tactics is (hypothetical) common to the ‘communist’ or anarchists, Capitalists, Fascists, Islamic fundamentalists, Nazi’s, Neoconservatives, Socialists, and Zionists way of doing things. All have that same quality, the tyrant! All of the above give birth and life to terrorism.

American city follies to Norwegian small town travesties generated intrigues that could have been a proud sequel to the movie “Babel.”

The behavior characteristics of the cliques with their psychologically sadistic tones, the subjective atmosphere and shallow indifference or lack of remorse left little to the imagination other than wonder if they inherently had adopted fascist mentalities. Perhaps none! Maybe it’s a human factor all together?

Destructive Loyalties of Prevalence

-We follow reason when it’s safe. We follow evil when we fear. We hope to seek individuality when we can diversify. Diversity intertwined with transparency breeds the spices for divine unity of cultural birth and life. Can we avoid unity without evil? - Author

I have conducted my own observational research of criminal, cult or extreme type of environments and deception within cultures for many years. Some due to encounters with and attempted manipulation by these environments! Rather than define myself as a submissive actor or a product of these environments, I chose to resist! I took notes throughout the years and undertook to understand more about these environments and the human aspects of them. My own discoveries indicate that molded mentalities within social environments under long term durations can be refined into subjective obedience. Passive aggressive behavior characteristics molded into populaces sustains a whole portion of uncontrollable deficits of social norms and functions. This is why we see so many subcultures or countercultures caustic of subjective conditions.

Subcultures and countercultures have become the yings and the yangs of our civilization. The positive and yet negative of social divulgence. Everyone wants to belong to a group. It’s a social need with coherent existence to minorities of secular ideals. It’s belonging to a group of materialistic status, idealism, religion, and politics, alternative and of many extremes. Unfortunately, subjective conditions of subcultures breed and forge discrimination and divide. These are the countercultures.

The cliques and the group in Trollville reeked with these same characteristics.

I often see many of the characteristics of narcissists and sociopaths among some people and many others acting as patrons to these characters. What is most disturbing is to see so many patrons manipulated by the facades of the narcissist and sociopaths in our society. They are the foot soldiers that blindly follow the reason and deeds of the sociopath. They are the ones that give sociopaths power and conceal them from accountability. The next question is, “Why are people so adaptive to evil?”

The core of human behavior is so intricate that we may never know the real answer. We constantly seek answers to questions and find quenching thirsts for more.

When people adapt to deceptive environments, it seems they subsequently fall into subconscious states of mind and denial, which dampens the destructive effects of any negative decree. Evasiveness allows the human ability to endure situations of miserable consequence. You know when people say "shit happens and life goes on" or "that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing anyone can do about it to change things" or this excuse is my favorite and the one I heard the most "nobody cares, so why should you." That is right; nobody cares, because when someone does try to care, they are initially forced out into the cold and into stressful scenarios left with formidable situations, which no one likes to deal with in the first place. These formidable states of careless cycles continue and continue until whole social environments are conditioned into states of self deception and self denial. All you have to do is see all the countries in turmoil and look at their corrupt and tyrant leaders and the rest just blindly following along preoccupied with their daily travesties. This evidence should suffice.

Regardless, humans do have one common trait among all. We have a love-hate relationship with each other. Most also have a seemingly common trait that are capable of doing something evil. When people get involved with things they shouldn’t, they are more likely to obey to the same majority that endorses the same wrong doing. Pyramid or Ponzi schemes are examples of how individuals get caught into something illegal, influenced by groups already involved. Deep down they know it’s illegal but accept excuses of legitimacy and go along for the ride for what they have been convinced by others already involved as a way of getting ‘easy’ fortunes. Some get caught into the web unwittingly and stick to it by defending their decisions and drag their fellow family and friends into the same scheme. Legal or not they succumb to get a piece of that pie. They are required to influence others into the scheme. Denial and evasive excuses function in the same collective metaphor.

The clearest evidence of this in recent times is the state we are in today. From the warnings before to the tragic day of 9/11 to the lies leading to the Iraq war with mass support to dominoes of the bubble of greed leading to the global financial crisis worldwide. Most people have completely and entirely ignored these events while they nurtured them. Even worse, most have helped the horsemen of destruction- the dictators, politicians, corporate Diasporas, warmongers, organized crime figures, financial criminal wizards and terrorists.

There have been many studies in regards to how people seem to follow “no questions asked” tasks or participation, even if it means causing harm to others. Events in history have provided plenty of documented evidence to support that, groups of people or even masses would follow instructions even if it meant harming others. Collectively, people usually follow guidance on ideological, political or religious beliefs.

For the average individual, it is difficult to comprehend that many “normal” people could commit acts of evil we usually would label with characteristics of psychopaths or sociopaths.

People are prevalently destructive by their blind obedience.

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