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Dick Cheney, Halliburton & Targeting Iran

This documentary tells you what you need to know about Cheney and how far he was willing to go and was able to do together with his neoconservative henchmen.

Unauthorised Documentary of Former Vice President Dick Cheney produced by The Fifth Estate

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My letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee 2007 about the possible abuse of my report was based on the concern with Cheney and neoconservatives Abrams, Ledeen and Richard Perle's attempts to blend Chechens and Iran indicated by Richard Perle's associate and Sunday Telegraph's Middle East editor Con Coughlin's article "Tehran 'secretly trains' Chechens to fight in Russia" published 2005, Al Qaida and Iran, Cheney's effort to target Iran and aforementioned neoconservatives profound history of intelligence abuse. This concern was combined with ties the aforementioned neoconservatives to a local clique and 'group' (of opportunists) in Norway from the town (I call Trollville) I resided in and their role in retaliations againts the author and involvement in processing an assembly of unsuspecting ethnic muslims that the media could easily have labeled a "Norwegian homegrown terrorist cell". They included two North African brothers and a son (Suicide Bomber Candidate), a small group of Chechens dissidents (residing in nearby town), a lebanese family, a Pakistani businessman. Members of the local group (of opportunists) was in contact with associates and business partners of GRU Col Anton Surikov and GRU/ Chechen intelligence Ruslan Saidov from Adygea and Chechnya. Surikov and Saidov's strong ties to Chechen terrorists and Hizb ut Tahrir provided the recruitment abilities of the SBC.
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Surikov and Saidov are business partners of FarWest, a subsidiary company of Halliburton. A Trollville local and friend of the clique and 'group' is a halliburton employee and played a role in reprisals towards the author.

Cheney was former CEO of Halliburton and still receives payment from Halliburton. Cheney as vice president had strong influences with Halliburton.

  Members of group (of opportunists) were tied to and were in contact with American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) members who had an interest in manipulating or abusing the Chechen memo/report delivered to the FBI Dec. 30, 2000.

Members of American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) or American Turkish Council (ATC), American Enterprise Institute (
AEI), American Israel Partnership Agreement Committee (AIPAC) involved:

Richard Perle (In Gol, Norway 2004 same weekend members of the local 'Group' were in Gol)
Michael Ledeen
Elliot Abrams (DAPNSA USEMB, Rabat, North Africa)
Marc Grossman (In Oslo, Norway 2002)
John Ashcroft (Oslo and Bergen 2003)
David Frum- Richard Perle's protege (In Oslo, Norway Oct. 2007 for CIVITA seminar)
Eric Edelman (Involved in CIA agent Valerie Plame outing) & Stephen Solarz (chairman ACPC) (both present local town in Sogn & Fjordane, Norway September, 2008) where this group (of opportunists) were from. Edelman and Solarz arrived at the same time members of the clique and freinds of the local Halliburton employee arrived back from a trip to Turkey.

All of these neocons were in some way or form involved with fabrications, intelligence abuse or investigated for national security abuses and treason.
All had some form of strong interests in supporting the Chechen mujahideen.

Richard Perle

Selling the Iraq War

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The Daily Telegraph has been cited as instrumental in the propaganda drive to convince the British and European public to support the Iraq War. The neoconservative Devon Cross lobbied to sell the Iraq War to the UK and Europe using the Policy Forum. The reason for this is stated on the Policy Forum's website:

American foreign policy and its goals and motivations in undertaking the War on Terror were increasingly subject to caricature and worse in the European media, and to outright misrepresentation in the broader public debate[12].

The Policy Forum claimed success in selling U.S. foreign policy to the British media including the Daily Telegraph. For these lobbying efforts, at the end of 2007, the US Department of Defense paid the Policy Forum around $80,000 which was paid to Devon Cross[13].

Devon Cross was at the Policy Forum at the same time as Richard Perle who also served as a director of Hollinger International, the firm that owned the Telegraph.

Con Coughlin

Editor Telegraph

Con Coughlin published the article

Teheran 'secretly trains' Chechens to fight in Russia

(This article was a major deja vu and sign that Richard Perle's network in England and the U.S were in the process of selling a new war against Iran and using Chechen connections to Iran in the same way that they falsely connected Al Qaida to Saddam Hussein. This was a major indication combined with the local activities of intents to abuse the report delivered to the FBI December 30, 2000.)

Con Coughlin is the executive foreign editor of the Daily Telegraph.[14] Coughlin controversially received stories directly from MI6. His relationship with the British intelligence services was exposed after a legal writ was served against The Telegraph for publishing a suggestion that Colonel Gadafy's son was involved in a fraud[15]. Coughlin also printed a story linking Saddam Hussein with Al-Qaeda and he has published articles on Iran using (in the words of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran) "unnamed and untraceable sources"[16][17][18].

Pentagon distribution

According to Jim Lobe "the Telegraph’s often-dramatic accounts of all kinds of Islamic skullduggery appeared frequently in the Pentagon’s “Early Bird,” a compilation of up to 50 or so “must-read” news stories, including Coughlin’s, distributed throughout the national-security bureaucracy every weekday morning, during the six-year stewardship of Donald Rumsfeld[19].

Michael Ledeen

Former Iran Contra Member

After the 2000 Presidential Election, Bush’s White House political adviser, Karl Rove, tells neoconservative Michael Ledeen “Anytime you have a good idea, tell me.” From that point on, according to Ledeen, every month or six weeks, Ledeen offers Rove “something you should be thinking about.” On more than one occasion, ideas faxed to Rove by Ledeen, “become official policy or rhetoric,” the Post reports. [Washington Post, 3/10/2003]

Ledeen's Role in Niger Yellow Cake Forgeries

December 9, 2001: Defense Officials Attend Secret Backchannel Meeting with Iranians

The Bush administration sends two defense officials, Harold Rhode and Larry Franklin, to meet with Iranians in Rome in response to an Iranian government offer to provide information relevant to the war on terrorism. The offer had been backchanneled by the Iranians to the White House through Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms trader and a central person in the Iran-Contra affair, who contacted another Iran-Contra figure, Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute. Ledeen passed the information on to his friends in the Defense Department who then relayed the offer to National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. Hadley, who expressed no reservations about the proposed meeting, informed George J. Tenet, the director of central intelligence, and Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage. According to officials interviewed by the New York Times, the United States Embassy in Rome was not notified of the planned meeting as required by standard interagency procedures. Neither the US embassy nor the CIA station chief in Rome learns of the three-day meeting until after it happens (see December 12, 2001). When they do catch wind of the meeting, they notify CIA and State Department headquarters in Washington which complain to the administration about how the meetings were arranged. [Newsday, 8/9/2003; Washington Post, 8/9/2003; New York Times, 12/7/2003] In addition to Ghorbanifar, Ledeen, Franklin, and Rhode, the meeting is attended by Nicolo Pollari, head of SISMI, and Antonio Martino, Italy’s minister of defense. [Washington Monthly, 9/2004] According to the Boston Globe, either at this meeting, a similar one in June (see June 2002), or both, Ledeen and Ghorbanifar discuss ways to destabilize the Iranian government, possibly using the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, a US-designated terrorist group, as a US proxy. [Boston Globe, 8/31/2004] Additionally, according to an unnamed SISMI source, Pollari speaks with Ledeen about intelligence his agency has collected (see October 15, 2001) suggesting that Iraq made a deal with Niger to purchase several tons of uranium. SISMI already sent a report to Washington on the matter in mid-October (see October 15, 2001). Reportedly, Pollari has also approached CIA Station Chief Jeff Castelli about the report, but Castelli has since indicated he is not interested in the information. [La Repubblica (Rome), 10/25/2005]

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My letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee here