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Hawk of Pandora Vol II; Anatomy of a False Flag Terrorist Act


"The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself." Sun Tzu

  Released March 4, 2011


  Anatomy of a False Flag Terrorist Act

  Engender Burned - Trollville Group and Suicide Bomber Candidate


  Neocon Intelligence Abuse; Dejavu Next Iran - My Warning Letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee

  Richard Perle - The Perle Agenda and Motive

  Iran Training the Chechens?

  Michael Ledeen's Role Fabricating Intelligence

  Elliot Abrams - The Abrams Agenda: Multi-Wars in one Swath!

Zeyno Baran's 'Study Group' w/ Chechen Terrorist Handlers and Financers


List of (Ten) CIA Officers Active in Oslo 2006-07




Anatomy of a False Flag Terrorist Act


-We follow reason when it’s safe. We follow evil when we fear. We hope to seek individuality when we can diversify. Diversity intertwined with transparency breeds the spices for divine unity of cultural birth and life. Can we avoid unity without evil? - Author Thomas "Hawk" Hellstrom


A lot of things were happening back in the states. We were already at war with Iraq, and a psychological war between Bush, Cheney, the neoconservatives and their crony intelligence clique and corporate patrons brewed against the rational intelligence community alongside national security whistleblowers.

The CIA NOC officer  Valerie Plame , FBI translator Sibel Edmonds case, Coleen Rowley whistleblower case, FBI obstructions of other post 9/11 cases, obstructions of Able Danger warnings, U.N weapons inspectors, some members of National Security Council and other whistleblowers from federal and intelligence agencies and members of Congress expressed serious allegations of crimes against the Bush administration. Righteously so! The Bush administration had been up to their necks in alleged criminal conspiracies that they seemed to go back and forth from offensive back to defensive while their Neocon intelligence apparatus was searching for information and intelligence- phony or not- to confirm Bush and Cheney’s false up front statements. It was almost as if to spin up intelligence just so they wouldn’t be embarrassed about being wrong.  

Back in Trollville, Norway I was trying to make heads and tails of the dark situation back in the U.S. and who was causing so many intrigues in Trollville.

Events involving members of a local clique and a “group” from Trollville eventually left a clear pattern of issues of suspected concerns related to the 2007 false flag threat against Al Gore and Nobel Peace Prize/Concert. It was an attempt to target the December 30, 2000 report on the seven terrorists from Chechnya and Russian nuclear engineer to falsify an Iran/Al Qaida/Chechen connection to 9/11- as they did with falsified pre-Iraq war intelligence;

  1. 2002; A local businessman and associate of the clique aided a suspected Colombian cocaine trafficker and suspected FARC (EP-Bloc 4th) member with housing and assistance. He was first identified due to an out of the blue irrational threatening outburst towards me yelling Latin profanities about me being a cop from the U.S. After running a check, there was an Interpol warrant by the Southern District of New York of a Colombian trafficker from FARC’s Middle Magdalena 4th Front district that was an exact match to this Colombian. This suspect was later deported due to his involvement with a small (1kg) shipment of cocaine which was intercepted by a local police raid. Members of the clique had clearly tipped off this Colombian about my background working with law enforcement which gave him a wrong impression that I was a cop or federal agent. FARC are known clients of former Col Anton Surikov and Vladimir Filin.
  2. Members and friends of a local group associated to the clique were involved by aiding or contact with; 
  • June 2003; Member of this group recommended and arranged to set up an adsl service provider that used Global Crossing net centric operations technology, a communications company with a history of corruption scandals involving both Bush and Clintons. This was before there was any reason to suspect members of this group. The day the ADSL service provider was activated my computer was effected by subject based data mining on June 23. Members of the CIA rendition team were identified in Oslo, Norway from April to August 2003. The leader of the CIA rendition team was a former Iran Contra veteran and associated to the Neocon clique Elliot Abrams and Michael Ledeen, both colleagues of Richard Perle (all members of American Committee for Peace in Chechnya [ACPC]).
  • Close members of this same group were in Gol, Norway the same weekend Richard Perle stayed there Feb. 2004.
  • A close friend of the same group was contacted by a Baltic woman by late 2004. After establishing a relationship, the woman arranged a trip to meet this friend of the group in Maykop in Adygea, Russia where Anton Surikov was present at the time for a Sufi leader conference. This same woman later contacted me in early 2007 and was later identified as an associate of Surikov’s partner with his network in FarWest. Surikov was Chechen leader Shamil Basaev's Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) handler. Surikov was also one of the unidentified subjects among the interpol suspects across the bar at the night club. FarWest is a subsidiary of Halliburton.

Ruslan Shamilievich Saidov (b. 1960, city of Khasavyurt, Dagestan). Avar Chechen-Spanish. Has Turkish passport in the name of Hungar (?) Mehmet and passport of Arab Emirates. '83-84 - special GRU unit based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan. Later, assignments in Lebanon and Syria. Ret. Major of GRU '93. Resides in Turkey since '95 and in Dubai. Advisor to Necmettin Erbakan - '96. Business partner of the Islamic Bank of Dubai and Habib Bank. Since mid-90s Saidov formed stable relations with the Saudi businessman Adnan Hashoggi, Prince Turki al-Faisal and Prince Na'f. Close to Basaev and Khattab.

Anton Victorovich Surikov (Ancestral name: Mansur Ali-Hadzhi Natkhoev), b. 1961, Sukhimi, Georgia, USSR. Ethnic Adygei. Son of a leading figure in the Soviet military-industrial establishment. Resides in Moscow. Has Turkish and, possibly, US citizenship. Doctor of sciences. '84-served in a special GRU unit, based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan). '90-96 - Institute of USA and Canada. '92 - 93 - deputy of the Abkhazian minister of defense, makes friends with Shamil Basaev, commander of the special battalion trained by GRU. '94 - visiting scholar at the Center for Defense Studies, King's College London. '96 - ret. Colonel. Also on IPROG staff.

Valery Nikolaevich Lunev (b. 1960, Belorussia). Belorussian. '83-84 - special GRU unit based in Shindand, West. Afghanistan. Married to Dzhokhar Dudaev's relative Fatima (b. 1970). Retired from the military in March of 1995. Lunev is responsible for security and "strong arm operations". For his operations he hires the former and active duty officers of Russian secret services, including Spetsnaz. Resides in the Netherlands, has Dutch citizenship. In 1990-91 Lunev took part in overthrowing the regime of Zviad Gamsahurdia in Georgia. Has extensive contacts in Tajikistan.

Source: Peter Dale Scott &

Additional info added August 16, 2011 about Lunev and terrorist attacks Norway: "According to Belarusian opposition figure Mikhail Reshetnikov, Anders Breivik underwent paramilitary training in a camp organized by retired KGB colonel Valery Lunev." source: Lankevich, Denis (28 July 2011). "Он был типичным североевропейским туристом" (in Russian).


Professor Peter Dale Scott along with research professor at PRIO in Oslo also makes a connection between Anders Breivik, Serb paramilitary/crime boss Milorad Ulemek and Vladimir Filin Vice-president of Far West. Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow Elites by Prof. Peter Dale Scott


"This persisting presence of Gladio networks throughout Europe, including Norway, raises the question: was 7/22 a systemic deep event, or at least a possible deep event? Having pondered this for a month, my conclusions, all tentative except the first, are these:


1) Breivik most probably did not act alone, despite the latest official reports: “prosecutors and police have said they are fairly certain that Breivik planned and committed them on his own.”8

2) We should probably look for his associates in the demi-monde mobilized outside and against the state, rather than in the structures of the state itself.

3) 7/22 is probably not a traditional false-flag operation; the milieu of Breivik’s associates is indeed probably that pointed to, without incrimination, in the alleged Breivik manifesto and video.

4) The motive of 7/22 may have been to maximize publicity for the political message of one particular group in this milieu, the Euro nationalist Knights Templar of former neo-Nazi turned counter-jihad publicist Nick Greger. 

5) We should look behind the counter-jihad ideology of Breivik and Greger’s Knights Templar to the arms-for-drugs trafficking connections of their avowed heroes and contacts – particularly of the Serbian Mafioso and Red Beret veteran Milorad Ulemek. 

6) Of particular interest are the criminal connections between the drug trafficker Ulemek (and possibly Breivik) and the Russian arms-and-drugs meta-group Far West LLC – a group I have discussed elsewhere for its involvement in systemic destabilization and conceivably even 9/11.9"


"But for Breivik’s heroes Arkan Raznatovic  and Ulemek Legija, the drugs may have been a more serious and on-going part of their career than as a means to the arms and the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. The Yugoslav government embodied by Milošević at the political level and Željko Ražnatović Arkan as the executioner, represented the mafia in Serbia. Other high-profile actors were involved, including Stanko “Cane” Subotic, who became one of the richest men in Eastern Europe thanks to cigarette smuggling. “Cane” is in golden exile in Switzerland, which does not have extradition arrangements with Serbia. Arkan’s murder in 2000 marked the peak of this phase. Arkan was extorting from all other criminal groups and he was so convinced he was untouchable that he went around without bodyguards”. The Zemun clan came after him, Dojčinović [Stevan Dojčinović of CIN (the Center for Investigative Reporting] said. “Under the excuse of ‘avenging’ Arkan, the Zemun clan, in the following years, eliminated all the competition and created the most rigid monopoly. Whatever business you wanted to do, you had to do it with them.”53

Russian sources have linked Ulemek with Vladimir Filin, the Russian leader of Far West LLC, a group of former Soviet military intelligence officers accused of arms and drug trafficking.54 In fact, Ulemek was said to have been so close to Filin, that Far West was “threatened” by Ulemek’s (“Legija”’s) imprisonment.55 The connection is probable: Serbian and Russian organized crime (allegedly including Far West) were involved together not just in drug trafficking but in the protection rackets at ports on the Black Sea.56"

These connected dimensions are far more plausible than what the Norwegian authorities and main stream media have produced so far with their "lone" terrorist stamp of Breivik. Each of these elements in this broad network between Far West, NATO, Mossad, Neoconservatives and Zionist elite have a common agenda which is to pick a fight with Iran. Norway's peace negotiations between Israel and Palestinians and support for Palestinian authority (HAMAS) by upgrading Palestinians status to embassy in Oslo, by which leaves little to the imagination that Norway is a clear and present target for this network and especially Israel's extreme zionist government with Mossad as thier main initiators of terrorist acts. 

  • Autumn 2004; another close friend of this group attended a school co-managed by the pro Israeli Christian Pentecostal movement ‘Living Word’ that also co-owned and managed the ‘Magazinet’ which republished the Muhammed cartoons. Living Word is closely associated to John Ashcroft’s relatives in Norway. Ulf Ekman, the other co-owner of Magazinet with Living Word is closely associated to members of Christian Pro Israeli rightwing movement in the U.S and Israel that has openly advocated war against Islam. Ulf Ekman's ship "Restoration" which he called "Operation Jabotinsky" transported jews from the Caucasus and ports in the Black Sea where Surikov and Saidov sustained a controlling influence.

  • A member of this same group had close intimate relationships to; 

§ A businessman from the Mid East described by the group as a close associate of former Vice President Agnew Spiro and pilot for Pan Aviation which indicated he was an associate or aid with Sarkis Soghanalian, an arms dealer involved with BCCI and Iran Contra scandal and owner of Pan Aviation.

§ A former bar owner in Oslo, Norway, tied to the former gang of Arfan Bhatti. His bar according to his statements was frequented by the gang Bhatti was still a member of at the time. Arfan Bhatti was indicted for attacking a Jewish synagogue and planning to attack the U.S and Israeli Embassy. This meeting took place fall of 2006 between the relationship with a suspected North African suicide bomber candidates father and uncle.

Arfan Bhatti was caught in Germany with sketches of military grade rockets during the 2006 Soccer World Cup. After his release Bhatti proceeded to meet with KLA connected Albanian crime boss Princ Dobroshi. The member of the group had planned to travel to Islamabad, Pakistan with the bar owner.

§ Intimate relationships with two North African brothers. This female member's seduction of the two brothers caused major conflicts between the two brothers and thier family. The conflict between them led to one brothers intention to accuse the other brother for terrorism. An incident the author witnessed while investigating these issues in North Africa. The terrorism accusation was related to his association to the governor that was a leader for Iranian and Syrian backed Polisario Front. This was just the tip of the iceberg.

The “Group” member and her Living Word connected friend deliberately made me aware of the son of one of these brothers due to his martyr like literature. He was deemed as an attractive target for recruitment as a suicide bomber candidate. This candidate was in 2007 recruited to one of the few universities in England Anton Surikov and his partner Ruslan Saidov was associated to through their institute IPROG. The Butkevicius/Surikov connected member of the group signed a petition in Tbilisi, Georgia during a rally attended by Surikov and Saidov's partner Nov, 2007. Saidov had a history as a Chechen intelligence officer, trainer and recruiter of suicide bomber candidates. Friends of the group were suspected of indirectly assisting with his recruitment to this school due to their connections in England.  See Engender Burned

§ Members of the same group and or clique are suspected of aiding a female (Mossad) asset/agent using an alias name but known as Joanna Gawlik that contacted me in 2007, two and a half months prior to Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace prize. This agent was identified as belonging to the same network that was alleged to have targeted Al Gore and Clintons Builders for Peace organization in the mid 90’s and Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. This asset is also involved in several other assassination plots organized by this network made up of CIA/Mossad. Anton Surikov and a CIA associate were alleged to have targeted Al Gore with a disinformation campaign between 1999 and 2000. Surikov and Far West also had close business interests with chief Mossad officer Shabtai Shavit.

Shabtai Shavit, a pro Iran war advocate, is also closely associated to the pro Iran war architects/lobbyists and also the Israeli (Mossad) agents active in Norway whose related intentions is to fix false arguments for a war against Iran. These are the same pro war architects/lobbyists that “fixed” false intelligence that led to war on Iraq.

A board member of the public safety group I worked for in Atlanta - mentioned on my fax to the FBI - is also the board member of Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) and was one of the few individuals notified about the Chechen terrorists in Atlanta. At the time (2000-01) I had no knowledge that this founder of GILEE was and still is a member of the IICT Advisory Board with former Dir. of Mossad Shabtai Shavit as co-founder and chairman of International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (IICT). It was Shabtai Shavit that was fully informed about the Chechen case during his visit to Atlanta early 2001. This is why Mossad sent their agents to Norway.

"Somewhere near Moscow": Anton Surikov (center) with Shatbai Shavit (left) and Dov Kontorer at the recent conference of Israeli and Russian intelligence services organized by Sergei Kurginyan and his Experimental Creative Center. Photo courtesy (

The Mossad asset/agent aka Joanna Gawlik was employed by locals (friends of Trollville Group) near and present in the town of Forde, 20 minutes away from where a local felon was caught with 2 kg of explosives (VG See map

A small group of Chechens dissidents (former mujahideen) resided in this same town. Another local member of the group from Lebanon was also identified within a picture taken in Lebanon with this female agent. This Lebanese group member's family had indirect ties to militant groups in Lebanon supported by Iran. They were also suspected of tipping off the agent that she had been burned. The father of the suicide bomber candidate (SBC) I describe in chapter Engender Burned worked for an entertainment group and had direct access to the Nobel Peace Prize. The father of the SBC was introduced to the Lebanese member of this group establishing a vague connection. Ledeen's and Perle's obsessive neocon network to fabricate intelligence and Abrams influence in North Africa would have made this easier than the fabricated arguments of Saddam/Al Qaida connections that helped con 41 countries to war in Iraq.


These intrigues were also paralleled with retaliations tactics at work by members of the clique that were also friends with the group. From the time these conspicuous intrigues started around spring 2003 till the end of January 2004, were completely synchronized with the time that the CIA agents from the rendition units came to Norway between April and August 2003 following Ashcroft’s trip to Oslo and Bergen in August 2003 and Perle’s trip to Gol, Norway February 2004.

This phase between 2003 and 2004 was the most critical period to which the Chechen report was most sensitive to;

·   The 911 Commission began its initial start spring of 2003 till its target day May 27, 2004. The Chechen report would have been a critical piece for investigations by FBI Minnesota and Phoenix into the Chechen connections which was, according to FBI agents involved with the cases, severely obstructed by FBI HQ lawyers up to the highest ranks of the administration. Colleen Rowley, former FBI Special Agent, testified before the 9/11 Commission. Coleen Rowley also sent a critical memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller criticizing FBI in New York and Washington for obstructing investigations into Zacarias Moussaoui. Former Senator of Georgia Max Cleland resigned from the 911 Commission December 2003, due to lack of cooperation by the Bush administration for which he stated “the White House has played cover-up”.

·   Sibel Edmonds testified for 3½ hours of her findings before 911 Commission but was completely censored. Sibel Edmonds deposition (2009) in the Schmidt vs. Krikorian case exposed numerous government officials and members of Congress involved in criminal activities, acts of treason and obstructions of 911 investigations. The suspects she described in her testimony were U.S government members of Turkish networks, American Turkish Council and associated to terrorist and drug trafficking networks which involved Turkish liaisons to the Chechens in my report.

Anton Surikov and Ruslan Saidov were military liaisons between Turkish intelligence, Turkish radical Muslim clerics and the Chechens. A suspect mentioned in her deposition was Major Douglas Dickerson (the weapons procurement specialist to Central Asia which included Georgia), was a staff member under Douglas Feith in ATC. At least three of these high value suspects from Sibel’s State Secrets gallery were believed to have been in contact with locals in Trollville.

·  The Bush administration and especially the neoconservatives who were in Norway under Cheney were aggressively trying to find intelligence to support their fabricated claims of Powell’s February 5th, 2003 WMD and Saddam Al Qaeda connection arguments for war with Iraq. This led to the attempt to apprehend Mullah Krekar on Norwegian soil by CIA agents who were members of the extra ordinary rendition program.

·  By June 2003, CIA NOC officer Valerie Plame Wilson case surfaced into the media due to Robert Novak, Richard Armitage and other Neoconservatives assistence in exposing her cover in retaliation of her husband's, Joe Wilson, exposing the Niger Yellow Cake forgeries. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame's husband, was sent to Africa on the Niger Yellowcake fact finding mission prior to the Cheney cabal exposing Valerie Plame as a CIA NOC officer. After Joe Wilson's trip he wrote an article in the Op Ed of the New York Times that he found no evidence and confirming that the Niger Yellowcake reports were forgeries.

Valerie Plame's CIA front company Brewster Jennings investigated nuclear blackmarket and nuclear terrorism. Three neoconservative coconspirators involved in exposing Valerie Plame's cover were in Norway 2002, 2004 and 2008. Marc Grossman, exposed Brewster Jennings to Turkish and Pakistani intelligence ISI (AQ Khan network) met with Norwegian diplomats in Norway 2002, Richard Perle's visit to Gol, Norway 2004 and Eric Edelman, accompanied by a former Congressman Stephen Solarz, member of American Turkish Council and founder of American Committee for Peace in Chechnya and colleague of Richard Perle were hosted by members of the local Halliburton employees family and the group end of september, 2008 in the town of Trollville. A group from the local clique had just returned from a trip to Turkey same day the two ATC members arrived. Since the Chechen report involved a nuclear engineer and terrorism and that the Chechen rebels were suspected of several transactions with AQ regarding nuclear materials, the Valerie Plame case had an indirect affect with my report in regards to conflict of interests by ATC and ACPC members involved with black market nuclear proliferation.


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Engender Burned


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu


Between 2005 and 2008, antics and intrigues by specific members of the Trollville group became most apparent.

A member of the group, the woman and her friend called me up and invited me to meet them in order to ask me for advice. I decided to meet them out of curiosity for their scheming qualities and ability to cause calamity, and there with her was her friend that attended a school on the west coast of Norway, sponsored by the ultra conservative Christian Pentecostal movement Living Word associated to ‘Magazinet’ that was the first to republish the Muhammed cartoons in Jan. 2006.

At the time, all of the intrigues and shenanigans her and the group was up to were coincidental and circumstantial, and I hadn’t begun putting all the pieces together until after all the events in 2007 when things really became serious and clear of their involvement. All I had was circumstantial evidence but not enough to suspect these two or the group despite the growing patterns of many intrigues around them which made them reckless liabilities of criminal negligence.

They showed me copies of some poems and wondered what I thought about them, she explained that it was the son of her new friend, one of the two brothers she met in North Africa that wrote the poems. For the sake of presentation I will call the first brother as Hachim and his son as Jamal. As I read the poems they kept interrupting in suspense as if they couldn’t wait for me to get to the punch line.

From what I read of the poems, at least five, the language and quote on quote sentences like “now watch me as I commit my engendering suicide” read like the confessions of a martyr before blowing themselves up. The other poems also read as dark poetic metaphors to a love story of martyrdom, rebellion and sacrificial suicide. I thought to myself in practical disbelief “is this kid serious?” There was obviously something that was eating away at this kid’s psychological state. “Engendering suicide” is synonymously translated to suicide for a cause. Taken into consideration his ethnic North African and Sunni (moderate) Muslim background, similarities with other suicide martyrs and many other emotional expressions in his poems, was compelling enough to contemplate him as a possible suicide bomber (SB) candidate waiting to be recruited. The ladies were waiting in suspense when I dropped my review on them and said openly “this kid is obviously preoccupied with suicide and other depressive issues”, “If his poems is being sent through Muslim extremist networks, he would certainly attract attention as a candidate for suicide bombing.”

The “group” friend’s first reaction while immediately looking at her was “I told you so” with a provoking attitude of sarcasm. The mature woman agreed with shared cynical sarcasm! Both obviously knew what I was going to say before I even met them. All they wanted was confirmation of my reaction and opinions. At the time I was unaware that the elderly student friend attended religious leadership classes at a school co managed by Living Word. Living Word is a pro zionist movement that directly supports Israels conflicts against Palestinians and a war against Iran.

She told me it was sent by email from her new African friend, Hachim, and repeated that it was his son who wrote the poems. She showed me the email he sent her with the link for the website to read his poems.

At home, I did some checking and found out that the poems were openly accessible on the internet and copyright registered to “Jamal”. The email from the father of the Jamal was odd because it was sent under someone else’s name that was again an alias of another name registered to the email address. This was what brought about alarm signals. I needed to be concerned and ran a check because awhile back I had helped this charming member of the Trollville group (unsuspecting at the time) get her own email address through my account, and if this kid was a suicide bomber waiting to happen and that this group may have helped with indirect recruitment through their shady friends, that would cause a serious conflict of interest and compromise my case with the Chechen report. I helped her with the email address under the terms that she would use the email address from my account respectfully. Another lesson I learned that even with the smallest of favors one has to be very careful. Another reason why I had to pay close attention to abusers in my surroundings! However, if abused, I could keep an eye on what was happening since I had access to her email accounts and therefore gain valuable intelligence in case it was abused.

When I hooked her up with the email address, I had no idea how much trouble they could stir up. Regardless, the email being sent through the account I provided her with caused concern.

Apart from the growing charades and destructive intrigues, the dangerous game this woman played with these two North African brothers told me everything I needed to know about her true face of evil behind her overwhelming charm and charisma.

After seeing her out of control ways and behavior, there were simply too many ‘red light’ warnings flaring and far too many coincidences overlapping each other. This convinced me enough to write up a memo concerning Hachim’s son Jamal as a possible suicide bomber candidate due to the events, patterns and social network around this woman, the group, the clique, and the group’s close friend’s ties to Noukhaev, Saidov and Surikov’s Chechen network and his rendezvous in the Caucasus town, Russia when Anton Surikov was present. Especially Hachim’s son’s poems described with a lot of passion about committing suicide for a cause. His poems and his fascination with Dante Alighieri came at a time when the Muhammed cartoons were published by Jyllands Posten in Denmark that triggered many other newspapers to publish the cartoons and then was republished by Magazinet in Norway co owned by the Zionist Christian extremist Ulf Ekman and Living Word. The uproar against Norway despite the fact that many newspapers around the world had already published the Muhammed cartoons, Magazinet became an extra added insult because it was republished from a magazine controlled by rightwing Christian Zionists Ulf Ekman and pro Israeli Living Word evangelist movement. This was regarded as a deliberate provocation with the blessings of the mainstream public.


   Appealing Recruit Characteristics of Jamal


Jamal 's emotional descriptions in his poems, contradictive to his positive image of a young man with a good future, strongly indicated many expressions of suicide martyrdom and destructive elements with honor, disgrace, dissent of western society and social climate. Many of these emotional expressions, written by Jamal in talented poetry, indicated similarities with Dante Alighieri. Jamal’s fascination with Dante Alighieri and the “Divine Comedy” approaches a pragmatic identity conflict between his father’s Muslim and mother’s Christian faith.


Dante Alighieris’ Divine comedy's Canto 28 of the inferno, describes with vivid manifestations of Dante Alighieri and Virgil condemning the Prophet Muhammed to hell.[13] Several Christian and Catholic painters, like Gustav Dore and Salvador Dale, illustrated Dante’s poem condemning Muhammed to hell in their paintings. This distinction collaborates with deep rooted conflicting sentiments between Muslim and Christian faiths and coincides with the intimidations rightwing or fundamental Christians in Europe and US purported. This was also coincided by the Danish rightwing newspaper Jyllands-Posten and Norwegian rightwing Christian ‘Magazinet’ republished pictures of Prophet Mohammed in the media to demonstrate ‘freedom of speech’. Many within Islam believed it was meant to antagonize Muslims and especially jihadists to respond with acts of violence. [14]


This would allow the right wing elements to continue to fuel the fears of Islam and terrorism. Scott Atran described to Reuters from his research that, "I think  these groups are able to manipulate innate emotions ... in much the way the fast food and porn industry manipulate innate desires,"[15] See The Suicide Bomber Candidate - Why? - Appealing Recruit Characteristics of Jamal

The issue with Jamal’s poems was left lurking in the back of my head for most of the year. Several other issues began popping up that eventually lead me to write up the first draft of the report. Before I did, I went through painstaking research and a lot of thought to figure out how I was going to handle this. I had to consider all the pro’s and con’s in dealing with this. After all, this was about Jamal and his family’s life, reputation and his future to consider versus many other lives including his if he would have been targeted as a recruit.

Again the elderly woman’s abrupt involvement with a Pashtun businessman whose former bar catered to Arfan Bhatti’s gang, Bhatti’s ties to Pakistan, KLA and network and strong indications of one of her friends in touch through his Baltic friend with Anton Surikov, Ruslan Saidov and Khoz Noukhaev’s network, who also had tight connections to KLA, I realized there were too many things happening that surmounted to an increasing threat assessment.

By October, 2006, I had sent in a report about a possible suicide bomber candidate through an officer in the Norwegian Military due to the concurring conditions and political turmoil of various concerns. Norwegian rightwing Christian ‘Magazinet’ republished the Muhammed cartoons that caused more uproar with Muslims. Cheney and the neocons were trying to gather allies for an eventual conflict in Iran and Israel invaded Lebanon in what was called “Operation Clean Break” based on neocons Richard Perle and Douglas Feith’s policies to Likud. Norway was one of the main players in the cease fire negotiations which again interfered with the neoconservatives agendas. All were political primers for pending terrorist acts. At first, I didn’t have all the puzzles put together but knew enough that my instincts were flaring like rockets’ red glare. Jamal as a candidate seemed to fit right in with emotional, demographic, idealistic, political and sociological motives.

The report was specifically laid out not to accuse the kid of being a terrorist but as a proactive intervention to avoid any potential opportunities for this kid to be recruited. I needed to ‘burn’ this kid to prevent any possibility of recruitment. Also without placing this kid in harm’s way, without defaming his personality and to ensure his possibilities for a future were not tainted if I was wrong. This kid is very bright and talented and I refused to disrespect that. But I also had to take into account the overwhelming indications that could have placed his and others lives at risk. His expressions in his poems and his father and uncle’s relationship to the member of the suspected group in Trollville and their continued relationship and continued contact with other shady friends who were apparently in contact with extremist networks would serve as catalysts to recruit Jamal as a suicide bomber. All it takes is unwitting communication to the wrong people and place this model candidate on their radar to exploit. Ruslan Saidov was that exact person to take advantage of recruiting this kid.

Note: The suicide bomber candidate and his father had no direct or indirect ties to any specific terrorist group other than the group that were setting them up as terrorists. The Polisario Front, Jamal's father has connections to, has no record of terrorist history and is not considered a terrorist organization by the UN (with the exception of Israel lobby and neocons that considers all groups supported by Iran as terrorists). See 
The Abrams Agenda

This group (opportunists) is initially suspected of helping to recruit this kid through thier Baltic contact to Surikov and to a university in England in 2007 which was directly connected to Anton Surikov's organization IPROG. All in all it was clear that the suicide bomber candidate, his father, his uncle and a few others were being set up as escape goats by this group who were involved with contacting and gathering connections that made a Norwegian homegrown terrorist cell seem apparent and imminent.


These threat incidents clearly reflected paralells to the fabricated arguments the Bush administration and neoconservatives used to con 41 countries to war in Iraq. This time thier agenda and attempt was to concoct a Al Qaida/Chechen/Iran connected terrorist incident in Norway against the Nobel Peace Prize and 2007 Nobel Winner, Former Vice President Al Gore, that would trigger an excuse to target Iran. 


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Neocon Intelligence Abuse; Deja vu Iran 

July 31, 2007, a letter/report written July, 25 by myself was sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the possible abuse of my report was greatly based on the concern with Cheney and Richard Perle's network attempts to blend Chechens and Iran indicated by Richard Perle's associate and Sunday Telegraph's Middle East editor Con Coughlin's article "
Tehran 'secretly trains' Chechens to fight in Russia", Al Qaida and Iran, Cheney's effort to target Iran, Ledeen's history of manipulating intelligence and Abrams involvement in North Africa and thier neoconservatives profound history of intelligence abuse. This concern was combined with ties the aforementioned neoconservatives to a local clique and 'group' (of opportunists) in Norway from the town (I call Trollville) I resided in and their role in retaliations againts the author and involvement in processing an assembly of unsuspecting ethnic muslims that the media could easily have labeled a "Norwegian homegrown terrorist cell". They included two North African brothers and a son (Suicide Bomber Candidate), a small group of Chechens dissidents (residing in nearby town), a lebanese family, a Pakistani businessman. Members of the local group (of opportunists) was in contact with associates and business partners of GRU Col Anton Surikov and GRU/ Chechen intelligence Ruslan Saidov from Adygea and Chechnya. Surikov and Saidov's strong ties to Chechen terrorists and Hizb ut Tahrir provided the recruitment platform of Jamal, the SBC.

Surikov and Saidov are business partners of Far West Llc, a subsidiary company of Halliburton.

A Trollville local and friend of the clique and 'group' is a halliburton employee and played a role in reprisals towards the author. One of the few Halliburton colleagues and Facebook friends of this Halliburton employee is a native of the Caucasus region.


Cheney was former CEO of Halliburton and still receives payment from Halliburton. Cheney as vice president had strong influences with Halliburton.

Cheney and his cabal of Neocons were planning to set up and trigger a war against Iran.


Halliburtons executives questioned by Senate investigations committee in 2007 about selling nuclear technology to Iran. Irans nuclear development is the 'main' reason for which Israel, neocons and Cheney (former CEO of Halliburton) wanted to attack Iran.



Senators Question Halliburton Executive About Dealings in Iran By MICHAEL LUO New York Times Published: May 1, 2007 "Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat who has helped lead the investigation into the company’s work in Iran, said Halliburton effectively financed terrorism by doing business there.


“Companies that help terrorist states generate revenues that are helping fund terrorist operations,” he said. “It’s that simple.” "


According to an article June 6, 2007 by Gareth Porter,, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski went to drastic measures of warning by testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Feb.1 2007 that a false flag terrorist act might be used as a trigger to bomb Iran.


See my letter to Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding warnings of possible abuse here and signed receipt by Senators staff member leaving official paper trail:


Note: Sending the letter to the member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was about leaving an official paper trail  (signature of receipt by the Senators staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) of the warning of present dangers of my report being abused. Leaving an open trail was all that was needed to inform the member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee especially since the 2008 election period already started and left them more vulnerable to take these issues seriously (behind the curtain, that is!). We all know that politicians are all about saving face and false promises during elections and they couldnt afford to be exposed with new twisted intelligence in the face of a potential new conflict with Iran during elections while promising thier constituents with anti war rethoric.

In regards to the subject line of the letter, it was never expected by them to actually reinvigorate any investigations on pre 911 intelligence failures based on my letter.


Members of the Trollville group (of opportunists) were tied to and were in contact with American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) members who had an interest in manipulating or abusing the Chechen memo/report delivered to the FBI Dec. 30, 2000.


Members of American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) or American Turkish Council (ATC), American Enterprise Institute (AEI), American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) involved:


Richard Perle (In Gol, Norway 2004 same weekend members of the local 'Group' were)

Michael Ledeen (Close contact with CIA Rendition officers present in Oslo, Norway 2003

Elliot Abrams (DAPNSA USEMB, Rabat, North Africa)

Marc Grossman (In Oslo, Norway 2002)

John Ashcroft (Oslo and Bergen 2003)

David Frum- Richard Perle's protege (In Oslo, Norway Oct. 2007 for CIVITA seminar)

Eric Edelman (Involved in CIA agent Valerie Plame outing) & Stephen Solarz (chairman ACPC) (both present in local town in Sogn & Fjordane, Norway September, 2008) where this group (of opportunists) were from. Edelman and Solarz arrived at the same time members of the clique and friends of the local Halliburton employee arrived back from a trip to Turkey.


All of these neocons were in some way or form directly involved with fabrications, intelligence abuse leading to the Iraq war or investigated for national security abuses and treason.

All had some form of strong interests in supporting the Chechen mujahideen. All support war on Iran.


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The Perle Agenda and Motive

Richard Perle

Pentagon policy adviser (resigned February 2004), former Likud policy adviser, media manager, international investor, op-ed writer, talk show guest, think tank expert, and ardent supporter of the war in Iraq.

Known in Washington circles as "The Prince of Darkness," Perle is associated with the American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century, both of which have been prominent behind-the-scenes architects of the Bush administration's foreign policy, in particular its push for war with Iraq. (Sourcewatch)


Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and many other neoconservatives acting as advisors to the Israeli government have been strong influences behind the aggressive tactics Israelis use against civilian populations as demonstrated through Feith and Perle’s policy paper “Clean Break” for Netanyahu, Natan Sharansky and the Likud Party which practically implored the Israelis to bring the Palestinians to their knees by military force. The policies in “Clean Break” became the main influence behind Israel’s “Operation Clean Break” invasion of Lebanon and Gaza.


Richard Perle co-authored and led the 1996 Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Study (IASPS), "Clean Break," that provided Prime Minister Netanyahu with a plan to sabotage the Oslo Peace Accords. [1]

Doug Feith, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy, was the other co-author of “Clean Break.”

Douglas Feith was among the founding members of ‘One Jerusalem.’[2] One Jerusalem was developed specifically to consolidate efforts to undermine the Oslo Peace Accord. Many of its members have supported and sponsored aggressive military campaigns against Palestinian civilians living near Jewish settlements, Gaza and the West Bank.[3]

Yehiel Leiter, the director of One Jerusalem, wrote a book sized pamphlet called “A Peace to Resist” designed specifically to undermine the Oslo Peace Accords.[4]

Leiter is a hardliner born out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, considered to be an Israeli extremist and a hardcore opponent of the Oslo Peace Accords. He was also suspected by many of pulling strings behind the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

Leiter wrote a Jerusalem Post op-ed entitled "Hothouse for Hotheads," in which he wrote about rhetorical threats about the strong possibility of an assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, “unless the so-called Oslo sellout were stopped.” “As long as the government insists on its divisive course," he wrote, "there is a growing danger of assassination." 18 months later to the day Leiter wrote the article, Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated.[5]

In 2004, The Norwegian Progress Party (FRP) chairman Eric Hagen, Norway's Neocon, had a meeting with the Christian rightwing faith Living Word within the Pentecostal evangelical community in Bergen.[6]

Hagen was engaged with his typical rightwing rhetoric. FRP who has always been known for aggressively spreading fear mongering about foreigners and especially targeting Islam, was an obvious alliance for the Neocons and the Christian rightwing! Hagen, a diehard rightwing antagonist, similar to Rush Limbaugh, rallied up the Christian rightwing community in support of Israeli offensives and collective punishment in Palestine and filled the audiences with hate and fear mongering of Muslim émigré’s in Norway. He made his rhetoric sound as if every Muslim sponsored terrorism and that it was all Christians’ responsibility to oppose that threat to their sovereignty. 

The Trollville group and friends was also strong rightwing oriented political supporters. Three of them were members of a party accused of rightwing extremist rhetoric. It is these three that were primarily involved with Jamal, his father and uncle, Surikov’s network, Arfan Bhatti’s network and the Living Word network. All three were the primary individuals that brought these elements together around Jamal and his father.

It was close members of these three that were primarily in contact with Richard Perle while he was in Gol, Norway feb, 2004.

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[1] Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies,

[2] One Jerusalem, Wikipedia

[3] Ibid

[4] A Peace to Resist: Why the Rabin-Arafat Deal Must Be Stopped, and How It Can Be Done by Yehiel Leiter (1993) Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

[5] Exposed: Dirty Money Schemes To Steal Election for Sharon by Jeffrey Steinberg, Anton Chaitkin, and Scott Thompson, December 13, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

[6] “Carl I Hagen’s Assault on Islam”, Aftenposten 2004 (Google translation required)


Selling the Iraq War

Information provided by 


Richard Perle was closely linked to Ahmad Chalabi who was the source of much of the questionable intelligence on Iraq which was passed to Washington before the war[5]  Donald Rumsfeld asked Richard Perle to chair the Defense Policy Board in 2001[6]. While chairman of the Defense Policy Board Perle worked with Devon Cross who lobbied to sell the Iraq War to the UK and Europe through the Policy Forum. The Policy Forum claimed success in selling U.S. foreign policy to the British Media, Claiming:

"The media response, has been both prompt and enthusiastic, editors of The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The London Times, The Economist, The Sun and The Spectator have all participated in our discussions"[7].


The Daily Telegraph has been cited as instrumental in the propaganda drive to convince the British and European public to support the Iraq War. The neoconservative Devon Cross lobbied to sell the Iraq War to the UK and Europe using the

Policy Forum. The reason for this is stated on the Policy Forum's website:

American foreign policy and its goals and motivations in undertaking the War on Terror were increasingly subject to caricature and worse in the European media, and to outright misrepresentation in the broader public debate[12]


The Policy Forum claimed success in selling U.S. foreign policy to the British media including the Daily Telegraph. For these lobbying efforts, at the end of 2007, the US Department of Defense paid the Policy Forum around $80,000 which was paid to Devon Cross[13]. DevonCross was at the Policy Forum at the same time as Richard Perle who also served as a director of Hollinger International, the firm that owned the Telegraph.


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Neocons Connect Chechen Militants To Iran

Con Coughlin  

Editor Telegraph

Con Coughlin published the article

Teheran 'secretly trains' Chechens to fight in Russia

-This article was a major deja vu of pre Iraq war intelligence fabrications and a very strong indication that Richard Perle's network in England and the U.S were in the process of selling a new war against Iran and using Chechen connections to Iran in the same way that they falsely connected Al Qaida to Saddam Hussein. This was a major indication combined with the local activities of the group assembling a 'norwegian homegrown terrorist cell' in combination with intents to abuse the report delivered to the FBI December 30, 2000. The suspects that contacted me and the groups attempts to involve me with the local suspects by connecting me to these events would have left me as an accessory and the report completely open to thier advantage.-


Powerbase profile cont.

While Devon Cross was successfully selling the war in Iraq to The Telegraph in the U.K., Richard Perle was on the board of Hollinger International who owned the newspaper. At this time The Telegraph also accused prominent anti-war MP George Galloway of being in the pay of Saddam Hussein, profiting from the oil-for-food programme and using the Mariam Appeal for personal enrichment. Galloway successfully sued the paper for defamation and received £150,000 in damages. [9] Richard Perle was also serving as an advisor to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies at this time, it was (FDD) journalist Claudia Rosett who originally broke the oil-for-food scandal. [10]


Business Links

Richard Perle was a director of Hollinger International where he was criticised by a report by the former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commision. The report claimed that Richard Perle served as the enabler for Conrad Black to "improperly take hundreds of millions of dollars", Perle was singled out in the report for having conflicts of interest.[11] Richard Perle denies these allegations and asserts that he was misled by Conrad Black.[12] Perle was named in an internal investigation into Hollinger International, Perle was investigated for receiving $3m in bonuses from Hollinger some of which went to Perle's own company Trireme. Boeing invested £20m in Trireme shortly before Perle advocated a pentagon scheme for leasing Boeing tankers to support the Iraq war, Perle denied any conflict of interest. [13]


Pentagon distribution

According to Jim Lobe "the Telegraph’s often-dramatic accounts of all kinds of Islamic skullduggery appeared frequently in the Pentagon’s “Early Bird,” a compilation of up to 50 or so “must-read” news stories, including Coughlin’s, distributed throughout the national-security bureaucracy every weekday morning, during the six-year stewardship of Donald Rumsfeld . [19]


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Michael Ledeen

Profile by Powerbase


Former Iran Contra Member

Ledeen is "a former employee of the Pentagon, the State Department and the National Security Council. As a consultant working with NSC head Robert McFarlane, he was involved in the transfer of arms to Iran during the Iran-Contra affair -- an adventure that he documented in the book Perilous Statecraft: An Insider's Account of the Iran-Contra Affair. His most influential book is last year's [2002] The War Against the Terror Masters: Why It Happened. Where We Are Now. How We'll Win.

"Ledeen's ideas are repeated daily by such figures as Richard Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld and Paul Dundes Wolfowitz. His views virtually define the stark departure from American foreign policy philosophy that existed before the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. He basically believes that violence in the service of the spread of democracy is America's manifest destiny. Consequently, he has become the philosophical legitimator of the American occupation of Iraq."

Ledeen also has called for "regime change beyond Iraq" and believes that it is also "time for a free Iran, free Syria and free Lebanon.' "With a group of other conservatives, Ledeen recently [2003] set up the

Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI), an action group focusing on producing regime change in Iran.

"Quotes from Ledeen's works reveal a peculiar set of beliefs about American attitudes toward violence. 'Change -- above all violent change -- is the essence of human history,' he proclaims in his book, Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli's Iron Rules Are as Timely and Important Today as Five Centuries Ago. In an influential essay in the National Review Online [4] he asserts, 'Creative destruction is our middle name. We do it automatically ... it is time once again to export the democratic revolution.'


After November 2000: Neoconservative Michael Ledeen Regularly Provides Karl Rove with Advice, which Sometimes Becomes Official Policy (Info by History Commons)

After the 2000 Presidential Election, Bush’s White House political adviser, Karl Rove, tells neoconservative Michael Ledeen “Anytime you have a good idea, tell me.” From that point on, according to Ledeen, every month or six weeks, Ledeen offers Rove “something you should be thinking about.” On more than one occasion, ideas faxed to Rove by Ledeen, “become official policy or rhetoric,” the Post reports. [Washington Post, 3/10/2003]


Ledeen's Role in Niger Yellow Cake Forgeries


History Commons: December 9, 2001: Defense Officials Attend Secret Backchannel Meeting with Iranians

The Bush administration sends two defense officials, Harold Rhode and Larry Franklin, to meet with Iranians in Rome in response to an Iranian government offer to provide information relevant to the war on terrorism. The offer had been back channeled by the Iranians to the White House through Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms trader and a central person in the Iran-Contra affair, who contacted another Iran-Contra figure, Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute. Ledeen passed the information on to his friends in the Defense Department who then relayed the offer to National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. Hadley, who expressed no reservations about the proposed meeting, informed George J. Tenet, the director of central intelligence, and Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage. According to officials interviewed by the New York Times, the United States Embassy in Rome was not notified of the planned meeting as required by standard interagency procedures. Neither the US embassy nor the CIA station chief in Rome learns of the three-day meeting until after it happens (see December 12, 2001). When they do catch wind of the meeting, they notify CIA and State Department headquarters in Washington which complain to the administration about how the meetings were arranged. [Newsday, 8/9/2003; Washington Post, 8/9/2003; New York Times, 12/7/2003] In addition to Ghorbanifar, Ledeen, Franklin, and Rhode, the meeting is attended by Nicolo Pollari, head of SISMI, and Antonio Martino, Italy’s minister of defense. [Washington Monthly, 9/2004] According to the Boston Globe, either at this meeting, a similar one in June (see June 2002), or both, Ledeen and Ghorbanifar discuss ways to destabilize the Iranian government, possibly using the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, a US-designated terrorist group, as a US proxy. [Boston Globe, 8/31/2004] Additionally, according to an unnamed SISMI source, Pollari speaks with Ledeen about intelligence his agency has collected (see October 15, 2001) suggesting that Iraq made a deal with Niger to purchase several tons of uranium. SISMI already sent a report to Washington on the matter in mid-October (see October 15, 2001). Reportedly, Pollari has also approached CIA Station Chief Jeff Castelli about the report, but Castelli has since indicated he is not interested in the information. [La Repubblica (Rome), 10/25/2005]


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Elliot Abrams - The Abrams Agenda: Multi-Wars in one Swath!


No matter which region of the world neocon Elliott Abrams, Iran-Contra figure and convict, ends up in his name is always synergetic to the birth or revival of war, conflict and controversy. Abrams and his partners in crime Michael Ledeen and Richard Perle's long history of opposition to peace agreements such as the Oslo Peace Accord and other Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements always seem to follow with a scheme to trigger conflict and war. 

In 2007, Abrams was designated to head the State Dept. North Africa section. This time Abram's and - by the clear message of placing Abrams in this position- U.S government's dark agenda seemed to shift in provoking a conflict for autonomy in Morocco's West Saharan region.

Abrams multi-motives for setting up the father and son, the suicide bomber candidate.

Reflecting back to how the neocons managed to con 41 countries to war in Iraq based on lies and the neocons three war musketeers Abram, Ledeen and Perle in the case exploiting the North African and his son as a Norwegian false flag terrorist cell, the combination of triggering a conflict in West Sahara and Iran would have to be regarded as a dream come true for Abrams. These points are key and critical arguments describing Abrams motives and political agenda:

Abrams, along with Ledeen and Perle, was a key aggressive opponent against the Oslo Peace Accord and Clintons and Gore's Builders for Peace organization.

Abrams together with Ledeen, Perle and other neocons aggressively supported military strikes against Iran while Vice-President Cheney awaited the "casus belli" or igniting 'incident' for Bush or Israeli's to give the orders for an attack against Iran. Intelligence officials and experts that warned of (falseflag) attempts that would trigger a war against Iran.

  • National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski warned about a false flag terrorist act to trigger a war with Iran.
  • Four U.S Generals and admirals threatened to resign if the order was given to attack Iran
  • Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) and former intelligence officials warned about striking Iran under false pretenses.
  •  Former U.N Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter warned of striking Iran under false reasons.
  • Investigative journalists such as Seymour Hersh, Eric Margolis and other investigative authors warned of false flag or pre-emptive attack. In early April 2007, Michael T. Klare claimed that references to Iran by U.S president George W. Bush in major televised speeches on January 10, January 23 and February 14, 2007 establish that Bush "has already decided an attack is his only option and the rest is a charade he must go through to satisfy his European allies". [1]

Abrams, Ledeen and Perle were all considered the architects of lies that lead to the Iraq war.

Abrams and Perle's role in Israel/Lebanon war of 2006; Abrams' involvement in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict is unclear. According to an unnamed U.S. government consultant "with close ties to Israel" interviewed by Seymour Hersh, Israel had put together bombing plans long before Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, which set off the conflict. As they developed their plans early this summer, according to the consultant, Israeli officials went to Washington "to get a green light for the bombing operation and to find out how much the United States would bare ... Israel began with Cheney. It wanted to be sure that it had his support and the support of his office and the Middle East desk [where Abrams is ensconced] of the National Security Council".[2]

Abrams, with Ledeen and Perle, is a member of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) - contradiction in term - has a long list history of being an ultimate schemer behind conflicts and wars.

The father of Jamal, the false flag suicide bomber candidate, was well connected to the leaders of the Province of Settat whose governor was former leader of the Polisario Front (see below). Jamal's father owns a residence in Settat and is influential with the leadership.

Framing the father and son as international terrorists involved in a dramatic terrorist incident against the Nobel Peace Prize and former Vice-President of the United States would certainly inflame a conflict between Morocco and the

Polisario Front and the Saharawis in Western Sahara and invigorate Elliot Abrams goals of "unilateral imposition" for Morocco in Western Sahara.

The Polisario Front and its Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) that politically and militarily represents the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) is recognized by Iran and is allegedly backed by Syria. Abrams, key motive here is a major terrorist act committed by 'terrorists' backed by Iran and Syria.


Abrams, Ledeen, Perle and Dick Cheney's Wet Dream?


Back to the 'Norwegian home grown' (false flag) terrorist cell. How convenient would it be to have a 'terrorist cell' combined with North Africans linked to Iran/Syrian backed Polisario Front with access to the Nobel Peace Prize concert - A lebanese family (vaguely) linked to Iranian backed goups in Southern Lebanon (note: most southern Lebanese have some form of contact with Hezbollah, PFLP-GC or other groups but doesnt make them a terrorist with the exception of Bush doctrine where everyones a terrorist) and a Pakistani tied to a Norwegian born Pakistani 'terrorist' (already indicted for targeting a Jewish synagogue and terrorist plans against the U.S and Israeli Embassy). Added his ties to a KLA connected crime boss and add a group of Chechen dissidents and former Mujahideen (present in the town where the explosives were uncovered) - also tied to KLA? 

Would a terrorist act against a former U.S Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Concert be enough to trigger war against Iran given Israel and Cheney's trigger happy itchy finger moments in 2007 to strike Iran?

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1) ^ Klare, Michael T.. "Bush's Future Iran War Speech: Three Charges in the Case for War". Nation Institute. Retrieved 2007-04-09.

2) Seymour Hersh, "

Watching Lebanon," New Yorker, August 21, 2006.

Outside View: Elliot Abrams' Maghreb Plot



April 13, 2007

United Press International

by Clayton E. Swisher  

As the debris from bombings by the newly formed al-Qaida in Maghreb offshoot in the heart of the Algerian capital still smolders, another attack is looming in the diplomatic front. 

Elliot Abrams, the deputy national security adviser for global democracy strategy, is again sowing the seeds of conflict in the Middle East. This time it's in the disputed Western Sahara, under Moroccan control following the end of Spanish colonial rule in 1975.

After being marginalized from the Arab-Israeli arena, now under the almost exclusive domain of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her State Department, Abrams is pulling free the grenade pin that may shortly cause North Africa to explode. He is on the verge of achieving a major U.S. policy shift that would have Washington backing Morocco's unilateral imposition of its so-called Western Sahara Initiative, or autonomy plan upon the indigenous Sahrawi people of Western Sahara.

  U.S. officials distracted by other pressing regional conflagrations first viewed Abrams' Maghreb meddling as a small price to be paid for getting him out of the Arab-Israeli domain. They barely paid attention as Abrams tinkered with a new Western Sahara strategy, an embryonic idea raised by outgoing U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton (who threatened to do away with the Western Sahara peacekeeping mission, which turned costly over time in the absence of a successful settlement).

Largely indifferent U.S. government bureaucrats were jarred awake this week with the terrorist bombings in Algeria. State and government counter-terrorism officials began immediately scrutinizing Abrams' new Western Sahara strategy out of fear that the perception the United States was siding with Morocco would upend the U.S.-Algerian Trans-Saharan Counter-Terrorism Initiative and undermine closer cooperation in the energy sector. . . .




The King created, within the Ministry of the Interior, a particular cell responsible for the promotion of the autonomy proposal. It is formed by three Saharawis elevated to the rank of walis, Mohamed Ali El Admi [Omar Hadrami, former leader in the Polisario Front, former governor of the province of Settat], Mohamed Rachid Douihi and Khalil Dkhil, two former members of PUNS, the party set up in the 70s by Spain to oppose the Polisario Front. [see  a comment in,  translated by Western Sahara Info

and with more info] [ARSO - Association de soutien à un référendum libre et régulier au Sahara Occidental ]






11. (U) U.S. Moroccan

---- --------

NEA A/S C. David Welch DGED Director General

Amb. Thomas T. Riley Mohamed Yassine

DCM Robert P. Jackson Mansouri

RAO Counselor George Gaydos Gen. Abdeljabbar Azaoui

Executive Assistant to

DAPNSA Elliot Abrams

Erin Yerger

NEA Staff Assistant

Kimberly Harrington  

Wikileaks USEMB Rabat Cable



Zeyno Baran's 'Study Group' w/ Chechen Terrorist Handlers and Financers


It's no secret about how far the tentacles of neocons reach nor about how corrupt they are and their ties to terrorism. This is simply a clear cut testimony to these ties to terrorism and how they use these networks with non government organizations NGO's to create opportunities for conflict by terrorism. Among the neoconservative cabal with a very clear and rather openly (protected) network of shady associates from Turkey to Caucasus and Central Asia, Zeyno Baran, the Turkish American scholar and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, seems to fit well within the puzzle related to the Norwegian (False flag) Terrorist cell and threat to former vice president Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Concert 2007. I recently came across this 'study group' assembled in march 2007 led by Zeyno Baran that connects the  neoconservatives players directly to Anton Surikov's organization IPROG with the most motives for using the African Norwegian suicide bomber candidate and his father who had access to the Nobel concert.

In March 2007, Zeyno Baran participated in a Hudson Institute study group with several members who work for handlers or sponsors of terrorist organizations from Central Asia such Chechen Mujahideen leaders Shamil Basaev, Ibn al Khattab, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Hizb ut Tahrir all of which were cited as being involved in 9/11 and many other terrorist acts whether they were false or not. I’m going to jump straight to the punch line and go directly to Zeyno Barans study group connections within this puzzle;

  • MIKHAIL DELYAGIN Director, Institute of Globalization Studies, Moscow (IPROG). Anton Surikov (Chair member of IPROG) has confirmed that he serves as a staff member in IPROG.
  • IPROG’s associated ‘University Network’ is represented by several university associates, memberships, steering committee members that have had students turned jihadists and suicide bombers and “recruitment” on their campuses. IPROG is a steering committee member with the university Jamal, the suicide bomber candidate attended in 2007. Anton Surikov (deceased) was a partner at the time with FarWest LLC, a Halliburton owned subsidiary, who's co owner and vice president Vladimir Filin was under investigation for facilitating the sales of Kh-55 long range ballistic missiles to Iran. Both Anton Surikov and partner Ruslan Saidov were regarded as handlers of Shamil Basaev and closely associated to Ibn al Khattab and Chechen organized crime boss, Khoz Nukhaev.
  • Evgeny Kiselyev, well known Russian radio and television commentator, worked for billionaire oligarch Boris Berezovsky, known as "Godfather of Russia", Neil Bush partner in Ignite! software and main financier of Chechen mujahideen leader Shamil Basaev. BBC video documentary with Boris Berezovsky seen here in with Neil Bush talking about partnerships in Ignite! software! Boris Berezovsky admitted in an interview with New York Times giving two million dollars to Shamil Basaev for a "broken down cement factory" but added "it was not his function to control how he (Basaev) spent the money'.
  • Richard Pipes, Baird Professor Emeritus of Russian history, Harvard University and member with the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya along with Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen and Elliott Abrams.
  • Zeyno Baran has close working association to Richard Perle and other members associate to American Turkish Council and American Enterprise Institute.
  • Zeyno Baran has close relationship to both Turkish and Uzbekistan's government and General staff, both of which (now General) Ruslan Saidov served as an advisor to. Both have an specific interest with Hizb ut Tahrir who's fringe group Muhajiroun's leader Omar Bakri's Finsbury Park Mosque was involved with 9/11 suspects Zacarias Moussaoui but also suspected of recruiting jihadists and suicide bombers at universities including the university Jamal attended. In 2003 Saidov attended a conference with Hizb ut Tahrir in Jordan.
  • Zeyno Baran also had a close working relationship with former CIA officer Fritz Ermarth at the Nixon Center. While Anton Surikov openly admitted having contact with Fritz Ermarth, both Ermarth and Surikov were suspected of targeting Al Gore in 1999 during the 2000 presidential elections.

One clear issue comes out from these connections and the timing is that Zeyno Baran as an expert on foreign relations and terrorism, each of her close work relations and associations to these organizations and individuals have clear and consistent motives of profit and political agendas for exploiting a terrorist act against the former vice president Al Gore and Nobel Peace concert 2007 involving the falseflag terrorist cell with the suicide bomber candidate Jamal and his father. The primary motive the 'casus belli' for triggering war against Iran.


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David Frum - Neconservative and regarded by many as Richard Perle's protege.


Wikipedia - Profile David Frum


David Frum attended Civita Seminar Oslo, Norway Oct. 2007

Breakfastseminar 18/10-2007: USA after Bush

Speakers: Political commentator, journalist and former economic speechwriter for President George W. Bush, David Frum, State secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Espen Barth Eide, Secretary-General of International IDEA, Vidar Helgesen and Norwegian politician from the Progress Party Morten Høglund. (


Note: This was seven days before the local with the previous felony conviction was caught with 2kg explosives 20min away from where the female (Mossad?) agent resided.


List of CIA Officers Active in Oslo 06-07


Oslo, Norway between 2006-07, ten active CIA officers operated in Oslo and elsewhere in Norway. 9 CIA agents 2007. This was a very high density of CIA active operations even for Norway. Each officer actively operates a number of 'assets'! List of CIA officers:


CORDER Andrew David 1978 01 Nairobi, 04 New York, 06 Lusaka, 05 Berlin, 07 Oslo Norwegian clandestine services Active Intelligence officer in Oslo


DAR John Martin Jamie 1967 98 Cairo, 99 Dubai, 03 Lisbon , 07 Oslo • Active CIA posting profile


DAVENPORT Hayward 1969 01 Warsaw, 03 Moscow, 04 Cairo , 07 Oslo • Active CIA posting profile


 FOX Michael Roger 1973 01 Geneva, 03 Rabat , 05 Rome , 07 Oslo (1 Sec). • Active Intelligence officer in Oslo


FULTON Andrew 1978 99 Rome, 02 Berlin, 07 Oslo, •Norwegian clandestine services Retired Sniper/  Intelligence officer in Oslo ** project coppergreen **Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad (alias Mulla Krekar)


GARVEY Kevin 1978 01 Bangkok, 02 Hanoi, 04 Phnom Penh, 07 Oslo • Active CIA posting profile


LUNGLEY Gareth Geoffrey 1971 97 Tehran, 02 Zagreb .07 OsloNorwegian clandestine services Active Intelligence officer in Oslo


MACEEN Christine Ann 1974 01 New York, 03 Paris, 04 Brussels , 06 OsloNorwegian clandestine services Active Sniper / Intelligence officer in Oslo ** project coppergreen **Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad ( alias mulla krekar )


ROBSON Elizabeth Carol 1970 00 Stockholm, 02 Copenhagen , 07 Oslo Active CIA posting profile


SANDERSON Michael John 1968 00 Cairo, 01 New York, 07 Oslo, Active Chief Intelligence officer in Oslo

Each boldened place and date has specific purposes which will be elaborated

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